How to solve the problem of touch screen not working in Android?

Do you also have problems with the touch screen not working on Android phones? How to solve the problem of touch screen not working in Android?

Do you also have problems with the touch screen not working on Android phones?

For most people, this happens at least once. It has happened that the mobile touch screen does not work properly and crashes. In such cases, in addition to the solution, we must also examine the cause of the problem. For example, your cell phone screen may be cracked or wet! Due to the delicate and glassy structure of mobile phone screens, it is quite clear that the touch screen of smartphones is one of the most common components that are having problems. How to solve the problem of touch screen not working in Android?

It's good to know that a touch screen not working on your Android phone is not always the result of a hardware failure. So if your mobile touch screen is also down, check out the seven solutions we offer before you get help from professionals in this field.

As you can see The subject of this fascinating article from the BingMag site is a review of seven ways to solve the problem of the touch screen not working on Android mobile phones. So if you would like to solve this problem at the lowest possible cost, follow us to the end of this interesting and practical article.

1) Is your phone screen really broken?

If your phone's touch screen is not working properly, you should rule out the possibility of software problems. Now, to take a closer look at the first case, you need to apply the following troubleshooting steps to your mobile phone. These troubleshooting steps are:

a) Reboot your phone.

Reboot Mobile phones may seem futile to fix such an advanced problem. However, often one of the most successful ways to repair a touch screen is to reboot it. Restarting your mobile phone will turn off everything in the background and also stop updates so that it might solve your problems! To do this, follow these steps in order:

  • First, press the Power button to display the Power menu.
  • Then tap Restart.
  • If you can not touch the screen to select the available options, use the on/off button and hold them for a few seconds.
  • In some cases it may be necessary To hold down the power button and the volume up button at the same time.

So test all 4 on your mobile phone.

b) Boot In safe mode How to solve the problem of touch screen not working in Android?

If your Android mobile touch screen does not work, you can restart your phone Set up safe mode (re-boot your phone into safe mode). Android Safe Mode allows you to use your phone only with the main software that is in it.

In this case, all the services and applications that you have installed will be deleted. If your screen is running normally in safe mode, the problem is probably with one of the apps you already installed. There is only one way to enter safe mode on most new Android devices. To do this, apply the following steps in order on your mobile phone. These steps are:

  • First press and hold the power button.
  • Now you need the power button ( Power off )
  • When you see Safe Mode notification, tap OK to restart your phone.
  • All you need to do to exit Safe Mode is hold your phone. Restart yourself normally. Just as easy!

2) Remove the screen protector.

Many people use the mobile phone screen protector (glass) as more protection against the line And use possible scratches. However, sometimes the same plastic or glass shield can prevent the screen from working properly. So if you have a problem with your phone screen not working, first remove the glass and check where the problem is.

Of course, be careful to do this There is no guarantee that your mobile phone screen will fail; But it may be able to solve this problem as much as possible.

3) Reduce screen latency How to solve the problem of touch screen not working in Android?

You may have been a little surprised to read title number three; But this is also one of the ways to solve the problem of mobile phone touch screen not working. To do this, we use different applications. Touchscreen Repair is a great app to help reduce screen response time.

This app asks you to tap several sections of your mobile touch screen in succession. Then, by checking the specifications of your mobile phone, it tries to determine the degree of response delay Reduce. The efficiency and effectiveness of this application is completely dependent on your mobile phone model. Then use the button below to download and use this application.

Download from Google Play

4) Control your mobile phone with voice or facial movements.

Definitely We all know that in addition to touching the screen of a mobile phone, we can also transmit commands to it through voice or facial movements. Android offers this feature to its users (depending on the Android version). You can also use the appropriate apps for this.

These solutions only apply if your mobile phone's touch screen works to install an app from the Play Store. Otherwise, you can install the program with the help of solution number five. Now it is better to review two practical and important applications in this field. These two applications are:

a) Voice Access How to solve the problem of touch screen not working in Android?

Voice access program Google, or Voice Access, listens to your voice commands and takes action on your mobile phone. Of course, this application can not execute every command, but in some cases, it provides a guide to its users. For example, if you want to go back to the previous page, you must use "go back". You should also use the phrase "screen down" to move between the screens of your mobile phone.

So be sure to read the instructions for using this application in full. To download this application from Google Play, you only need to tap the button below.

Download from Google Play

b) EVA Facial Mouse Pro How to solve the problem of touch screen not working in Android?

This program is a little more special and attractive than the previous one. As the name implies, it works with your face. The way this app works is that it places a marker on your mobile screen and you can shake the marker with your facial movements.

Now if you want to enter a section, all you need is your face Hold (the cursor) on the desired section for a few seconds. Of course, for the convenience of its users, this application has put several functional buttons in one section so that you can use them easily. You can see these useful buttons in the image above and use the button below to download this program.

Download EVA Facial Mouse Pro

5) Connect a separate keyboard and mouse to your phone. How to solve the problem of touch screen not working in Android?

If your mobile phone screen is down and you need to install an app or work with your mobile phone You's the best way to connect a separate keyboard and mouse to your mobile phone. Note, however, that in this case, the screen of your cell phone is assumed to be on and you can see it.

Controlling Android cell phones with a keyboard and mouse is very simple. All you have to do is find a suitable cable for them and connect the keyboard and mouse to the mobile via cable. Since our cell phones have only one input (for different charges and cables), you must use a dongle to connect both of them.

6) Wet cell phone How to solve the problem of touch screen not working in Android?

Many people discuss the " waterproofness" of a mobile phone with "strong "Resistant to water " are mistaken. So it's good to know that if your turned-on phone accidentally falls into the water, it is likely to be damaged. So in such situations it is best to turn off the cell phone and wait for it to dry.

You may also be skeptical about putting the cell phone in rice to dry it; But believe me, putting your phone in rice is one of the best ways to dry it (in case of accidental falling into the water).

7) Go to a cell phone repair center. How to solve the problem of touch screen not working in Android?

If you have tried the previous six solutions and still your mobile phone problem is not solved, it is better to go to a center Go for cell phone repairs. In some cases, a small defect may cause a problem with our mobile phone screen. In such a situation, only professional mobile repairmen can help us.

In the worst case scenario, your mobile repairman will check with you and offer you a reasonable price to repair. If this price is high, you would probably prefer to replace your cell phone at a higher cost. Also, if you are lucky, this cost will be low.


By reading this article, you can find a solution to your Android mobile touch screen problems. You may also have noticed that there are several reasons why the touch screen of Android phones does not work. I hope that one of the above solutions has helped to solve your mobile phone touch screen problems.

Also note that in some cases The age of our cell phones is the reason why the touch screen does not work; Because every mobile phone has a fixed useful life. However, always try to keep your mobile phone in the best possible condition to avoid such problems.

Do you know of any other way to solve the problem of the touch screen not working on Android phones? Share your comments and suggestions with us and other BingMag Meg users.

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