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How does artificial intelligence prevent forgery of signatures and signatures?

BingMag.com How does artificial intelligence prevent forgery of signatures and signatures?

Over the years, individuals, industries and governments around the world are increasingly There are newer and more modern methods of fraud and theft. In the meantime, forging signatures and identities, in addition to inflicting heavy losses on governments and communities, also seriously threatens the security of individuals and organizations. But just as technology creates a problem and a challenge, it also finds a solution to these problems. Artificial intelligence is the solution that can analyze different handwriting and signatures and detect if they are fake.

Detect handwriting

Individual handwriting may have many similarities, similarities that occur randomly or through practice. Similar handwriting increases the likelihood of fraud and material and spiritual theft. Emptying bank accounts or leaking personal and confidential information are just a few examples of the consequences of handwriting forgery. Uses comparison of original and forged handwriting and identifies even the smallest changes. But the original handwriting owner may not be able to produce an exact copy of his handwriting. In such situations, artificial intelligence systems detect and measure the percentage of conformity and non-conformity of handwriting. These systems detect minor differences in a person's original handwriting. Such a practice can greatly reassure people that they will not be identified as counterfeiters or fraudsters.> img src="https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2110/27/13252-2.jpg" alt="BingMag.com How does artificial intelligence prevent forgery of signatures and signatures?" loading="lazy">

Artificially equipped systems can easily make false signatures Recognize. In this way, people can verify their signature identity on various documents. By forging signatures and identities, material and spiritual benefits and investments are given to the wrong people, which can lead to many violations and irregularities in the society. From banks and insurance companies to government officials, there are many cases where forgery of the original signature of individuals has been used to obtain illegal benefits. This has also caused irreparable damage to artists and writers in works of art and literature. Raise the light to a higher level. In this way, these systems can learn the text and image patterns in the scanned images or the original version of the documents. This technology can be very effective in detecting counterfeit signatures. -direction-rtl ql-align-right "> Insurance

Imagine a large insurance company, more than Receives 10 million documents, and delays in processing requests can have a very unpleasant impact on the company's reputation and performance. Each of these documents contains handwritings with a specific style and context that must be carefully examined. Obviously, not all of these documents can be easily validated manually. Fake handwriting detection systems in such cases can help speed things up and prevent large-scale scams.


In many banks around the world, especially in developing countries, a database employee manually enters a check. The same person must confirm the writing on the check, such as the signature and date. Since many checks are processed in a bank every day, having a handwritten text recognition system can prevent fraud and theft; In addition, these systems play an important role in accelerating the needs of the bank's customers and also reduce the heavy workload of human resources.

Treatment and Health

Digitizing patient prescriptions not only makes it easier and faster to address the needs of patients, but also brings challenges. Hospitals and pharmacies can provide a safer experience for patients and the medical community by using handwriting recognition. Also, the registration of patients and the digitization of their forms have a great impact on the correct and accurate operation of hospitals and medical centers.

Online libraries

Huge volumes of manuscript artifacts are uploaded in the form of scanned images to online libraries. These documents can only be published when the text and images of the file are reviewed and validated. Handwriting recognition plays a key role in keeping documents, letters, books, and historical research alive, such as in the Middle Ages or the twentieth century. h2>

  • The handwriting of different people may be very similar at random.
  • A person's handwriting changes over time and does not always have a fixed form and pattern.
  • Old documents or images They may be worn and of poor quality.
  • The text of printed documents is in a straight line; While people's handwriting on a white paper does not necessarily form in a straight line.
  • Broken and continuous handwriting makes it very difficult to recognize letters.
  • Collecting original and authentic data is more difficult and expensive than synthetic data for deep learning of handwriting detection software. ul>

    Which is more dangerous, handwritten forgery or forged handwriting?

    Forgery of handwriting is not always so bad; University College London has developed a program called My Text in Your Handwriting that can create exactly the same handwriting for new writing using individual handwritten text. This program uses various factors such as vertical and horizontal spacing and connections between letters. Such technologies are very helpful for stroke patients to write or sign documents and translate a book into the author's handwriting.

    However, many programs There are others that users can use to copy other people's handwriting. These programs also use artificial intelligence and have easy access. This is where fake signature and signature developers work harder to increase the accuracy and efficiency of this process.

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