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How to check the security of the Android application for download?

BingMag.com How to check the security of the Android application for download?

Checking the security of the Android application is a very important thing that we have neglected today. The best place to download good Android apps is Google Play. However, sometimes you can download an application from other sources, and sometimes bad and insecure applications enter Google Play. Google Play is trying every day to monitor apps more and check if they are safe or insecure, and to make unsafe apps out of the public eye.

Still, insecure apps and scams It is installed on Android mobile phones and often endangers a person's personal information. You should always try to install programs that are approved and you can be sure that they are safe. However, it is quite clear that we do not have time every day to check which application is safe to install. So we need to look at several quick ways to find out the security of applications in the Android operating system.

In this article on the BingMag site, we want to introduce you to the best ways to check the security of Android applications for download. do. So follow us to the end of this article.

1) Look for the red flag in the comments

BingMag.com How to check the security of the Android application for download?

Simply put, the red flag means negative comments and complaints about the program. Most of the time, we think that by seeing the stars of an application on Google Play, we are sure that it is safe and good. However, malicious software developers often use fake comments for their application to gain the trust of people to download and install the program. That is why the opinions of the five stars should never be taken for granted. Try to read the negative comments in the comments section of an application to find out the reason for the negative comments of people.

Many times you may find the insecurity of an Android application through these negative comments. However, if a lot of people in a program had a positive opinion and one person had a negative opinion, do not pay attention to it. If more than two people have commented on the insecurity of a program or its fraud, you should doubt the security of the application and do not go to it as much as possible!

In programs that have short comments and The positives are high, probably a robot has recorded such comments and as a result this program can be insecure. Also, fraudsters generally do not spend their time responding to people's opinions; So if in a program, app administrators responded to people's comments (especially if the comments are negative), you can trust them more.

2) Read all the description of the program in full

BingMag.com How to check the security of the Android application for download?

Many people think that grammatical or spelling errors in a program description are a strong reason for the program to be insecure or fraudulent. Is. However, it is possible that the author of that article was a little careless while writing the description of that application. If the product description is just listing the terms and features of the program instead of the full description of the program, this is a bit suspicious and the program may be insecure. Always try to read the full descriptions and explanations of the program, and if you see big and wide-ranging promises in various fields, you will find that this information is rarely true. A correct and secure program presents all its explanations in an accurate, orderly and transparent manner; But scammers try to generalize their descriptions for no reason and make it look big and good.

Talk about it clearly and explain it thoroughly. If it only tries to pay you in the payment plan and does not give you a detailed explanation of the benefits of paying and buying a subscription in the plan, doubt the security of the plan and do not trust it at all. Basically, when the description of a program (especially about payment) is not complete and accurate, you should doubt the security of the program and do not trust it.

3) Pay attention to the number of program downloads

BingMag.com How to check the security of the Android application for download?

Note the release date of the program first. If an app is short-lived (less than a year or two) and has been downloaded millions of times, you should be skeptical. It is very likely that these numbers are fake so that they can gain your trust. Scammers develop unrealistic downloads by using bots and fake bots and accounts! There is no set rule that if the number of downloads exceeds a certain number, this program is safe and reliable. On average, for a new app with a lifespan of one to two months, reaching 500 downloads is a bit difficult. Most new apps have low downloads, which is why you should not trust a new app with a very high download rate.

It is almost impossible for a new app to have tens of thousands of downloads in a matter of months. Reach. If this app is trusted and real, top blogs and sites will definitely talk about it. In fact, a program that has increased its number of downloads over the years with proper effort and updates is more trustworthy. Also, many scam programs have a short lifespan and are eliminated very quickly with multiple reports. The interesting and of course dangerous point of the story is that even a popular program with high download can be insecure!

4) Check the list of permissions that the program asks you

BingMag.com How to check the security of the Android application for download?

Each application in its description list lists all the permissions it requires from you and your mobile phone. You should check these permissions carefully. If these permissions do not make sense, do not trust this program and do not install it! If you do not know how to view the permissions required for an application on Google Play, follow these steps:

a) Go to the application page on Google Play.

b) About Tap this app.

c) Then click on See more to enter the Permissions menu.

d) In this section you can see the list of permissions that the program has to install on the phone You need to see.

If an application does not list any permissions in this section, you should be skeptical! For example, if a photo scanning program asks you for a microphone license, you should not trust it at all. One of the most important things is that many applications also require your location permissions, which is not their business at all and you should not install such applications. You may think that unless your location information or other cell phone information is of any use to you, you should know that fraudsters provide information to a large number of people or companies together and make money from it. they do. So try to install applications that value your privacy.

5) View and check the site of the application developer

BingMag.com How to check the security of the Android application for download?

In the Google Play Store, you can view the site by clicking on the developer name. You can also do a Google search for it:

[developer name] mobile apps

Be sure to try Google results at this point Check the news. This is very effective in checking the security of the Android application. There may be information about the developer or parent company that prevents you from installing the app. It also often allows you to install the application safely. Next you need to check out other developer apps as well. If the number of downloads was abnormal, do not install the program! If there are a lot of programs and this program is very different from the others, do not install the program again as it is probably insecure and fraudulent.

A good and honest developer will not emulate or remove other people's program. If a developer tries to emulate popular apps and offer them at a discount, do not click on it and avoid installing it.

6) Pay attention to the app installation process

If the program provided you with the terms and conditions when it was first opened, without careful study Do not accept them. If you do not understand the language of the program, get help from a simple translator such as Rewordify. Programs that ask you to agree to many additional things in the program may try to steal your information.


Your personal information is definitely very important and valuable. And you should not easily pass it on to others or let them steal your information. The number of people trying to steal people's information with insecure and malicious programs is increasing every day. In this article, we tried to examine in detail the methods of checking the security of the Android application. You can easily prevent the theft of your personal information or bank cards to a large extent by using the six methods described above.

What do you think? What signs do you check to make sure your Android app is secure before downloading? Let us know.

  • Apple says Android is not secure because it allows you to install apps from various sources

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