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How can natural language processing help solve important security challenges?

BingMag.com How can natural language processing help solve important security challenges? Artificial intelligence (AI) is expanding rapidly. Studies show that more than 45% of companies with more than 1,500 employees now use this technology in their work.

One of the most important and attractive Applications of artificial intelligence are in the field of voice assistants; Natural language processing (NLP) software that allows computers to understand human spoken and written language. According to extensive research, 4 out of 10 companies plan to use some kind of voice interface in the next year. Research also shows that by 2023, people around the world will be talking to about 8 billion voice assistants.

BingMag.com How can natural language processing help solve important security challenges?

Although no serious study has yet been done on the application of natural language processing in cybersecurity, new developments are taking place . Many security managers hope that voice assistants will be able to assist security teams with patches and other key needs. Natural language processing seems to make cybersecurity tools easier to use. This technology will be able to help create more complex code, identify threats and dangers with high speed and accuracy, and have a good view of what is going on in the minds of attackers.

" Security analysts need to focus on many factors, so search capabilities are a vital feature, "said Chris Pike, ServiceNow's director of information security. He continued: "Intelligent systems that use machine learning and natural language processing can help raise our awareness of environmental safety, just as a voice assistant like Alexa can provide us with weather information because it knows we can What geographical location are we in at the moment? direction-rtl ql-align-right "> Faster queries

The most important role that artificial intelligence and natural language processing can play To play a role in the fight against cybercrime, strengthening the voice communication is one of the security tools we have today. Just as you can ask Alexa or Siri about airport routes or weather conditions, security professionals will be able to check the status of security information and event management systems (SIEMs) by asking questions instead of typing.

A number of IT teams around the world do this in areas such as wi-fi management, where network administrators solve problems with word-of-mouth searches. They ask questions such as "Is there a failed network connection?" Or "Why is the network slow today?" They use and use the answers to move things forward. Security experts will soon be able to ask similar questions: "Are there any warnings that need to be addressed humanely?" Or "Was the patch released last night successful?" It is not easy to understand spoken languages, but NLP can simplify the query process so that more people can work in the field, thus eliminating the problem of a shortage of skilled security personnel.

BingMag.com How can natural language processing help solve important security challenges?

more secure codes

When computers try to understand the structure of human speech and writing, as well as its meaning, they have access to large sets of data for analysis and analysis, which if It will be very difficult for humans to be impossible.

For example, computers can use natural language processing to scan and analyze a collection of available documents. Or segments that with Potentially vulnerable, mark. NLP can also be used to troubleshoot code and provide more security. Doing so will make your code healthier and cleaner, and will eliminate many potential risks.

Quickly detect threats >

One of the major challenges facing the detection of system threatening factors is the limitation in the analysis of existing human information. Large computers are built to do this, but first they need to learn what they are up to.

A number of companies, from processing They use natural language to detect malicious code hidden in seemingly harmless code. By breaking down the code into different sections and understanding how these sections relate to each other, researchers can treat these sections as sentences, and as a result, be able to examine the performance of a section of code without much execution and analysis. Researchers also use NLP to identify malicious domains used in phishing. For this purpose, OpenDNS has developed the NLP-Rank algorithm. This algorithm can check the number and type of edits needed to change a legal domain to an illegal domain. In this path, machine learning is used to identify patterns used by Advanced Advanced Threat Groups (APTs) to generate illegal URLs. This information can quarantine network traffic containing suspicious code and prevent it from reaching the user's system.

NLP as a challenge in cyber security

NLP, like other technologies that help identify threats and assess vulnerabilities, can have advantages for attackers. One of the major concerns is that attackers could use voice assistants that mimic the voices of managers to create fake conversations. In 2019, for example, the attackers defrauded the British company of $ 250,000 by making a fake phone call between the director of the German parent company and the CEO of its subsidiary in the UK.

Violators can exploit this technology in similar ways to circumvent physical security. Imagine a security guard receiving a phone call that allows the person behind the door to enter. Unfortunately, these risks are there, and one must be able to recognize the falsity of the conversation. With all the advances, man himself is still the last layer of security and in some ways the most uncertain layer.


NLP is one of the most advanced technologies of our time and it will become more advanced day by day. As different industries benefit from this advancement, cybersecurity can take advantage of it, although NLP can be a threat. We have to go ahead and see what the situation will be in the future.

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