How to accept our past and change the future?

If you are looking for personal growth and success in various personal and social fields and you come across this article, be sure to consider this as a sign and read the article until the end. Stay with us, because we want to explore how to accept the past and change the future in the way we want. How to accept our past and change the future?

If you are looking for personal growth and success in various personal and social fields and you come across this article, be sure to consider this as a sign and read the article until the end. Stay with us, because we want to explore how to accept the past and change the future in the way we want.

You surely know that no one can change themselves without wanting to or making an effort. or have a better lifestyle. If you want to live a comfortable and peaceful life and make significant progress in your business, while reading this text, think about all the sentences and imagine yourself in that situation so that everything will be more understandable for you.

It has probably happened to you that you have been involved in daily life, sitting alone in a corner, not having the patience of other people, or being busy in the virtual space all day. All of these events eventually lead to isolation, boredom, and even depression, which has a very negative impact on your health and mental health. Statistics show that more than 56% of Americans currently They have a lot of concern for their physical and mental health, which is completely natural considering today's digital life. Now, the question may come to your mind, how to get out of this epidemic vortex and think more about success and better lifestyle. If you look back, you can clearly see that there were far more human connections; Like views and visits. Today, due to the increasing progress of technology, many of us can easily communicate with each other using a smartphone, but is the quality of this type of communication the same as face-to-face and physical communication? Undoubtedly not.

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Why should we remember the past Accept yourself and change the future?

Dr. John Deloney, the famous and popular author of the best-selling and famous book "Accept Your Past and Change Your Future" this book wrote based on the above statements. He saw these problems with open eyes and as a result decided to help us with his many explanations in order to solve these problems. By being inspired by the findings of this book, which we will discuss in parts of it later, you can find your reason for being alive, have deep, beautiful and meaningful relationships and even make great progress financially. People's thoughts and desires are their greatest assets; A powerful asset that when mixed with passion and enthusiasm can be miraculous.

Dr. John Deloney clearly points out in his words that it is time to leave your past behind and on the path to health, happiness. and be truly satisfied. With 4 simple steps in his book (which we also refer to in this article), John reminds you how and how you can live your life better than yesterday and deeply experience true happiness. Of course, note that in order to see the result, you have to step forward and start trying with a firm determination, and when you reach true happiness, be sure not to lose it easily.

1. Accepting the Past How to accept our past and change the future?

It is quite clear that there is no way to change the past and you can never go back to it. It must have happened to all of us that we have gone through unfortunate and seemingly bad events or made mistakes. The reality is that if we don't make mistakes and experience seemingly bad things, the path to progress will never come together for us. If a child doesn't fall and hurt when he first learns to walk, he will never learn to run.

Thinking about past negative experiences is like a heavy bag of bricks, right when your boat is sinking.

Negative events or sad experiences make us understand exactly what we want from the world. The events of your past, if properly managed, will have no adverse effect on your future progress unless you allow it to. For example, constantly blaming yourself or constantly thinking about negative memories. Once again, we emphasize that the apparently negative events of your past do not have the slightest effect on your future success.

The biggest and worst mistake that most people make when dealing with negative thoughts and memories is that they think they can't do it anymore. Leave behind and forget. People who carry the stories of their past with them, eventually endanger their physical and mental health and may suffer from depression. Dwelling on past negative experiences feels like a heavy bag of bricks, right when your boat is sinking. Now, to survive, you have to drop that backpack into the sea and save your life. With this, you will experience a more comfortable life and as a result The path to success will be smoother for you.

2. How to change your thoughts and actions How to accept our past and change the future?

Another important way that paves the way to success and progress for you is this is to change your thoughts and then your actions. Now you may be wondering how to do this. The first way to change your thoughts is to take the reins of your mind and stop being a slave to it.

Whenever you feel that your mind may go towards negative things and bad memories of the past, act quickly and with Entertain your interesting things. Like watching your favorite movie, talking with your loved ones or walking in the park. It's hard work, it takes a lot of practice, we won't deny it, but if you try, you will definitely feel the results in your life. I want to control how I feel."

You have to remind yourself that thinking about the negative memories of the past is completely pointless and has no value. Self-suggestion is a concept that establishes a connection between the conscious and semi-conscious mind. The human mind is designed in such a way that it can control the semi-conscious mind with the help of the power of suggestion and the five self-perceived senses. So it remains just like a wayward horse that can give you a good ride if you hold the reins in your hand, but otherwise it will definitely throw you down in difficult and unexpected situations.

John in the book It provides you with many tools and ways to clearly understand how your mind works, use it to your advantage, and ultimately understand how your thoughts can affect your actions. Don't worry about how to change your actions. As soon as you work on yourself and start controlling your mind, your actions will also change over time.

3. How to reconnect with others? How to accept our past and change the future?

It can never be denied that humans are social beings. . Imagine that there was only one person in the world and that was you. In this situation, there was no hope for life. None of the living creatures in the world have the ability to live in a large group like humans. Let's be honest; We all love real communication and this communication is not the kind that can be found on virtual pages. Social life and communication with other people is an inseparable part of human life and is necessary for survival.

Humans need other humans. Imagine how much talking to a loved one or close friend can help you when you are sad or depressed. Of course, for some people who are completely introverted, this is much easier to say than to do, but it does not detract from the truth.

John reminds us in his book that "lonely people are not usually happy". He believes that we should fight against all the negative mindsets that we have about relationships with others because these relationships are what keep the passion of life alive in us. Do it because it's worth it. Of course, it should be noted that we mean completely general relationships and we do not refer to only one specific relationship.

4. Discover the clear path to success How to accept our past and change the future?

State of Mental Health Studies in America show that 90% of people believe that care Mental health is of great importance and should be planned for. However, daily routines and distractions are always one of our biggest excuses that prevent us from taking the first step to improve and succeed. It's time to empty your brick backpack and take a step for your mental health. You will definitely not regret and you will soon see the results of your hard work. Accept your past in whatever form it was, good or bad, rather than forgetting it because that is almost impossible; Just let go of its troubles and think about a future full of victory and success.

And finally, we repeat once again that you consciously take the reins of your mind and take the first step to health with firm determination and perseverance. take your mind Don't forget that working on yourself should be a permanent thing and big changes will not be achieved by reading a book once, meditating once and practicing once, even if there is a change, it is temporary.

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