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The host of "Good Morning America" ​​flew into space with Blue Origin flight

BingMag.com The <b>host</b> of 'Good <b>Morning</b> America' <b>​​flew</b> <b>into</b> <b>space</b> with <b>Blue</b> <b>Origin</b> flight

New Shepherd Blue Origin spacecraft on NS-19 mission New passengers, including Michael Estrahan, Good Morning America host, and Laura Shepard, daughter of America's first astronaut Blue Origin successfully launched its first group of six space capsules. In this event, another history was made and for the first time a father and son went into space together. Good Morning American Michael Strahan and Laura Shepard, the daughter of America's first astronaut, were among the passengers, and Dylan Taylor, Evan Dick and Lane Lane Bess and Cameron Bess also went into space buying tickets for the flight. "It was surreal, it's unbelievable, it's even hard to describe," he added. It took a while to process what had passed, but it could not have gone any better.

New Shepard single-stage missile 18:30 Tehran time) flew from the Blue Origin launch site in Van Hern, Texas, and in a 10-minute journey took the crew to an altitude of 106 km above the Carmen Line as the international space intended for space.

In this flight, the 196 cm tall Estrahan set a new record as the tallest person to travel to space. The Super Bowl champion is currently the host of the American Good Morning show on ABC. The previous Guinness World Record by 1 inch (2.5 cm) less was shared by NASA astronauts James van Hoften and Jim Wetherbee.

BingMag.com The <b>host</b> of 'Good <b>Morning</b> America' <b>​​flew</b> <b>into</b> <b>space</b> with <b>Blue</b> <b>Origin</b> flight

Launching the New Shepherd Blue Origin spacecraft on the NS-19 mission
Creit : Blue Origin

Blue Origin donated money to the flight attendants, who in turn donated to the Boys and Girls Club. But he is not the first TV news character to go into space. The title belongs to Toyohiro Akiyama, who traveled to Russia's Mir space station as a reporter for the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) in 1990.

However Estrahan can be considered the first journalist to experience a submarine flight. He is also now the first black man to jump into space. Sixteen other black astronauts who have ever been to space have been on missions that are much higher and faster than astronauts and have entered Earth orbit.

The first American man to go into space was Alan Shepard. Churchill's father was raised from the ground on May 5, 1961, 60 years ago. In his honor, he is now called the Blue Origin New Shepherd Launcher. Churchill is now the second generation of American astronauts and the first daughter of a space traveler. He was a guest of Blue Origin on this flight. "I feel like I're following in my father's footsteps," he said. On this flight, American capitalist Lynn Bass and his son Cameron were the first parents and children to go into space together. Cameron also became the first transgender person to travel into space.

The NS-19 mission each marked the fifth flight for a recoverable capsule and amplifier. This was the 19th successful New Shepard flight since 2015, the sixth flight this year and the third Blue Origin manned flight. The flight was dedicated to former Blue Origin passenger Glen DeVries less than a month after the NS-18 space mission with William Shatner on November 11 (November 20) during a Air crash kills.

Cover Photo: NS-19 Blue Origin Mission space Passengers
Credit: Blue Origin

Source: Space

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