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Hear recorded sounds from Jupiter's largest moon

The Juno spacecraft, while passing by Ganymede, Jupiter's largest moon, has recorded different sounds that are now audible to humans thanks to the efforts of NASA experts.

An audio file taken during the flight Near the Juno spacecraft, created by Ganymede, has created dramatic moments. This is just one of the highlights of the mission, which scientists shared at a briefing at the Geophysical Union of America. The sounds of Ganymede's flight, magnetic fields, and striking comparisons between Jupiter and the oceans and the Earth's atmosphere are among the topics discussed. Jupiter's gaseous turbulent surface images of Jupiter are as beautiful as one would expect, but the real pleasure is the sound emitted from the mission.

Space mass, in this case Jupiter's moon, is recorded. Some of these sounds seem completely transcendental.

Researchers believe that there is an easy explanation for the sudden jump in sound that occurs in about 30 seconds. "This Ganymede soundtrack is so vivid and rebellious that you feel like you are meeting Ganymede for the first time in more than two decades," said Scott Bolton, lead researcher on the Juno project. "If you listen carefully, you can Hear a sudden change to higher frequencies in the middle seconds of the recorded sound, indicating a different point in the moon's sphere."

"William Kurth" Another Researchers at the University of Iowa University also noted that the change in frequency due to Juno's overnight switch to Ganymede's caused different sound frequencies.

To clarify the issue, it should be noted that these sounds recorded does not mean that if you are on Ganymede somehow, you will Hear what was recorded by Juno. Rather, the magnetic and radio waves recorded by Juno are merely points in the data generated by the probe, and the NASA team has shifted the frequency of these points to a range that can be heard by most people without the need for special tools. The recording of these waves in June 2021 (June 17, 1400) by Juno was done in the same adventurous operations that a probe met Jupiter again after 20 years and brought new and incredible views of Ganymede to humans. .

BingMag.com <b>Hear</b> <b>recorded</b> <b>sounds</b> <b>from</b> <b>Jupiter's</b> <b>largest</b> moon

Two powerful storms from Jupiter Juno spacecraft Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS | Image Processing: Kevin M. Gill CC BY

Photos by Juno also offer a fresh look to the customer. For example, a photo taken on November 29 (December 28) looks like a graphic design of the planet. However, this photo is quite real and was taken by the Visible-Light Imager, which takes a close look at the two raging storm systems orbiting the planet.

Also in another photo from NASA Jupiter compares one of the planet's storms to the structure of "algal blooms" on Earth in the Norwegian Sea recorded by satellite imagery. This comparison was made by oceanographer Lia Siegelman. He sees space images like this as an opportunity to better understand Earth's oceans.

BingMag.com <b>Hear</b> <b>recorded</b> <b>sounds</b> <b>from</b> <b>Jupiter's</b> <b>largest</b> moon

Comparison of Jupiter's eddy currents and Earth oceans
Credit: NASA OBPG OB.DAAC/GSFC/Aqua/MODIS. | Image Processing: Gerald Eichstadt CC BY

Siegelman said: "When I saw Jupiter's rotating turbulence with those smaller strings and vortices, I was reminded of the turbulence seen in and around the oceans. This is especially evident in high-resolution satellite imagery of Earth's ocean vortices, which are formed by plankton and show the direction of flow. " Show.

Video Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/Univ of Iowa

source: Mashable

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