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A healthy baby dinosaur fossil revealed the link between dinosaurs and birds

BingMag.com A <b>healthy</b> <b>baby</b> <b>dinosaur</b> <b>fossil</b> <b>revealed</b> the <b>link</b> <b>between</b> <b>dinosaurs</b> and birds

A healthy, unprecedented fossil of a baby dinosaur fully encased in its eggs reveals further signs of a link between dinosaurs and birds. The 70-million-year-old fossil preserves the embryonic skeleton of a dinosaur from the genus Oviraptorid, known as the "Baby" after the Chinese museum that houses the fossil. Yingliang (Baby Yingliang). "Dinosaur baby bones are small and fragile and are rarely preserved as fossils," said Darla Zelenitsky, an associate professor in earth sciences at the University of Calgary in Canada. "This is a great discovery." "I work with dinosaur eggs and I have never seen anything like it." In particular, specimens that are complete and preserved in their lifetime. "

BingMag.com A <b>healthy</b> <b>baby</b> <b>dinosaur</b> <b>fossil</b> <b>revealed</b> the <b>link</b> <b>between</b> <b>dinosaurs</b> and birds

Graphic design of a dinosaur baby resembling an egg inside a modern bird
Credit: Darla Zelenitsk

The length of this dinosaur egg is about 17 cm and the length of the dinosaur itself from head to tail is 27 It is centimeters. Researchers believe that the creature was about 2 to 3 meters long by the time it reached adulthood. They concluded that these dinosaurs moved inside the egg and, before coming out, resembled a baby bird. In modern birds, such movements are associated with a behavior called the contraction of the abdomen, which is controlled by the central nervous system and is critical to the success of the chick.

Waisum Ma "Most non-avian dinosaur embryos are known to be fragmented (isolated at the joints) and incomplete," said the University of Birmingham. We were amazed to see this embryo lying so beautifully inside a dinosaur egg like a bird. This condition has not been previously detected in non-flying dinosaurs. " wp-caption-text "> Simulating dinosaur baby computers just before hatching
Credit: Darla Zelenitsk

All birds go straight from a group of bipedal dinosaurs called theropods Or evolved footprints, such as Tyrannosaurus rex or Tyranx and other types of Velociraptor or other velciraptors.

  • How did dinosaurs become modern birds?

Pre-hatching behavior is not the only behavior that modern birds have inherited from their dinosaur ancestors. According to Zelnitsky, this type of dinosaur is also known to sit on its eggs to be hatched in a bird-like manner.

This fossil was discovered in China's Jiangxi province and discovered in 2000 Acquired by Liang Liu, director of the Chinese company Yingliang Group. It was eventually stored and was forgotten for about 10 years, until museum staff put the boxes and objects in the Yingliang Stone Museum during the construction of the Natural History Museum.

Photo Cover: Graphic design of a baby dinosaur from the genus Caged:
Credit: Darla Zelenitsk

Source: CNN

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