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He found his lost iPhone in the river safe and sound after 10 months

BingMag.com He <b>found</b> <b>his</b> <b>lost</b> <b>iPhone</b> in the <b>river</b> <b>safe</b> and <b>sound</b> <b>after</b> 10 months

A British man claims to have found his iPhone safe and sound 10 months after it got lost on the riverbed, and the interesting thing is that this phone after all this time, Apple's smartwatch has been turned on and running without any problems.

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According to the BBC, a man named "Evin Davis" was riding a boat around August and September last year when his iPhone suddenly hit It is thrown into the water. But the story does not end there, because another person named "Miguel Pachko" found this person's phone while boating in the river, took it home and dried it. He then shared a photo of the iPhone on social media to find the owner of the smartphone.

BingMag.com He <b>found</b> <b>his</b> <b>lost</b> <b>iPhone</b> in the <b>river</b> <b>safe</b> and <b>sound</b> <b>after</b> 10 months

Pachko did not have much hope that it would stay healthy, as the phone was full of water. But in any case, he dried it so that he might be able to find the owner by publishing his photo. "I know that if I lose my smartphone, I have a lot of pictures of my children disappearing, so I guess the owner of this phone also has important information in it that he does not want to lose," he said./p>

The man dried the phone thoroughly with an air compressor before placing it in a dry place. The next morning he charged the phone. Surprisingly, the iPhone turned on, and the background image showed a photo of a couple. "I could not believe that this phone is completely safe and sound after being underwater for a long time and it was easily turned on," he said in surprise.

He shared and asked his other friends to share this post as well. Eventually, the post was circulated more than 4,000 times by Facebook users, and finally the man was able to find Davis and his fianc through the background photo of the phone and return it to its owner.

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Davis also goes on to describe how his smartphone fell into the water: We fell into the water. "Since the phone was in my back pocket, it easily slipped out of my pocket and fell into the water." He also praised Pachko for his efforts to find the owner of the phone.

Apple's new handsets support the IP standard, which allows them to reach not too deep (1.5 meters). ) Under fresh water to stay healthy for 30 minutes, but it's really weird that the phone stays healthy on the riverbed after 11 months. Of course, there have been many significant stories about the resistance of the iPhone and especially its newer products, including the iPhone 12 and 11, to such incidents in the news media.

BingMag.com He <b>found</b> <b>his</b> <b>lost</b> <b>iPhone</b> in the <b>river</b> <b>safe</b> and <b>sound</b> <b>after</b> 10 months

For example, previously there was news about the strange resistance of an iPhone 11 in the depths of a lake. In fact, this phone was for a user who had been sitting on the bottom of Disney World Seven Seas Lagoon for 2 months. Once found, the phone turned on without any problems and continued to work. Or in another example, an iPhone survived in the cold and winter waters of Russia and after 3 months, reached its owner safely.

According to these stories, one can still expect that the news of this Chinese Become a weird subject on social media.

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Source: Appleinsider

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