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The hackers revealed 190 gigabytes of sensitive data from Samsung

BingMag.com The <b>hackers</b> <b>revealed</b> <b>190</b> <b>gigabytes</b> of <b>sensitive</b> <b>data</b> <b>from</b> Samsung

According to information published by the Bleeping Computer website, hackers have apparently released 190 GB of important and sensitive information from Samsung.

A few days ago, it was reported that the $ Lapsus group had hacked Nvidia and had a strange request from them. The hackers allegedly asked Nvidia to release its graphic drivers in open source, as well as to remove all restrictions on the company's RTX 30 series graphics to prevent mining and cryptocurrency mining. Of course, these hackers seem to have been among the users interested in extracting cryptocurrencies, who pressured Nvidia in this way and threatened to disclose the information of its employees.

Of course, Nvidia after being hacked by hackers He encrypted more than 1 terabyte of his data and responded to the hackers by installing malware on them. However, hackers are said to have infiltrated Nvidia's systems again. We have not seen any specific statement from the company other than that they are examining the situation.

But now the same group that claimed responsibility for the cyber attack on Nvidia has also targeted Samsung and has so far been able to Hacking into the Korean company's database, hack more than 190 GB of important and sensitive information. This information includes the source code of proprietary applications as well as very important data related to various Samsung projects.

It is not clear when this happened and what was the reason for the cyber attack of these hackers on Samsung. . Also, this group, $ Lapsus, has not yet received a request from Samsung. So we do not know what this group is doing to hack Samsung.

The Bleeping Computer website as the source of this news is waiting for more information from Samsung, but according to the Wccftech website, apparently Samsung officials only They will talk about whether they are considering the situation.

Unlike Nvidia, which reacted to the hacking and so-called hacked, Samsung has not done much yet. But this should not be taken lightly. When large tech companies with the highest level of security are attacked in this way, many users should definitely be very careful about their sensitive information and data to avoid being hacked.

$ Lapsus Group A group of hackers They live in South America, whose identities have not yet been revealed, and they have not specified their purpose. It remains to be seen what news will be published in this regard in the coming days.

Source: PC Gamer

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