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6 habits in using smartphones that increase your productivity

BingMag.com 6 <b>habits</b> in <b>using</b> <b>smartphones</b> <b>that</b> <b>increase</b> <b>your</b> productivity

Depending on how much you use your smartphone, you may become so dependent on it that it affects your productivity at work and even taking care of things. Damage everyday life. With this in mind, we decided to introduce you to a set of smartphone habits that can help increase your productivity. Our usual smartphone is difficult. This device is in our hands with a simple movement, and most of the daily tasks, from communication and interaction, to study, entertainment and coordination of tasks and tasks, have undeniably depended on it.

While stores like The App Store and Play Store offer you a lot of productivity-enhancing apps, but using these apps requires you to have your phone in your hand and check it constantly. Therefore, it is better to form habits that will help you use your smartphone optimally and turn it from a time killer and distraction to a tool for more productivity.

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1. Planning and using Focus Mode

BingMag.com 6 <b>habits</b> in <b>using</b> <b>smartphones</b> <b>that</b> <b>increase</b> <b>your</b> productivity

Maintaining focus is one of the most important skills in today's world; A world where there are many factors to attract attention and distraction. Notifications, pop-up messages, news feeds, and the occasional alarm are all distractions, and any app or service can take up a portion of our limited attention span and make it harder for us to stay focused on tasks. Therefore, your ability to focus is considered an important factor to increase productivity and success in life.

Fortunately, the giants of the technology world such as Apple, Google, Samsung and... by offering a feature called Focus Mode (or different names but with similar work) they try to help you maintain focus and stay away from distractions. Also, using features such as Digital Wellbeing in Android or Screen Time in iOS, which show how much you use each app in the form of a graph, can give you a better view of how you interact with your phone and applications, which may be normal. You haven't paid attention to it.

In short, Focus Mode or Do not disturb (or any other name you may see on different phones) allows you to filter notifications and temporarily block certain apps. It allows you to focus more on your tasks. With this method, you will be less tempted to reach for your phone.

2. Personalizing work apps

Personalizing access and notifications for work apps can be the next important smartphone habit that increases your productivity. As telecommuting is becoming more common, you may have to coordinate many of your tasks and work times with different apps such as Slack, Zoom, Skype, Google Calendar, or Trello.

Therefore, you should Set boundaries between work time and personal time to eliminate the notion that telecommuters must be available all the time and prevent burnout. One way to do this is to disable notifications related to work apps when your work hours are over. If you use apps like Slack that display your online status, you can change their status after working hours so that your colleagues or work audience know that you are no longer available.

3. using automation features

You probably agree that doing a repetitive task on our smartphone is not the best way to be productive with our time. Fortunately, you can avoid doing repetitive and monotonous tasks by using the automation tools on your smartphone.

For example, you can use the Shortcut app for iOS to perform tasks that you do frequently. Set it to automatic mode and as a result, spend less time using the phone and spend your time on more important tasks. Applications similar to Shortcut are easily available through software stores.

Also, if you are using Samsung Galaxy series phones, you can take advantage of Bixby routines. To activate this feature, go to the phone settings section and activate the Bixby routines option from the Advanced features section. With this feature, you can set routines for different times and places. For example, you can ask Bixby to activate the Do not disturb function during your sleep time.

4. Monitor the usage of applications

BingMag.com 6 <b>habits</b> in <b>using</b> <b>smartphones</b> <b>that</b> <b>increase</b> <b>your</b> productivity

Another way to increase productivity while using the phone A smart suggestion is that Check the usage of apps on your phone. If you're the type of person who spends a lot of your day working on your smartphone, this could be a nudge to devote less time to useless tasks. By monitoring the amount of use of the phone and different applications, you can have a better view of your habits in using the smartphone and know better what is wasting time.

iPhone users can go to the settings section of the phone. and select the Screen Time option to access related statistics. Also, it is possible to use the Downtime feature to specify periods in which only specific apps are available. Another feature is App Limits, which allows you to limit the duration of use of each app.

Android users can check the usage statistics of apps on their phone by selecting the Digital Wellbeing & Parental controls option from the settings menu. have access In this section, you can set a limited time for daily use of each app. Doing this will help you have a freer mind and leave the previous bad habits by creating new habits in using your smartphone.

5. Decluttering and decluttering your home screen

Your smartphone's home screen can easily become a cluttered place, especially if new apps appear on it when you download them. Having too many apps on the home screen can lead to a decrease in productivity, because it will be difficult to find the desired app among the multitude of icons and widgets. Home is a great way to spend less time with your smartphone. Also, if the home screen is quiet, many apps will be hidden from your view and you won't be tempted to open them. The first thing you should remove are apps that you don't use or use very little. Also, you can put similar apps in a folder or mark them as most used apps to make them easier to access.

You can also put widgets like clock and weather status or calendar on the screen. to access information in a shorter time.

6. Practice purposeful smartphone use

BingMag.com 6 <b>habits</b> in <b>using</b> <b>smartphones</b> <b>that</b> <b>increase</b> <b>your</b> productivity

One of the best ways to increase productivity with the help of a smartphone is To use it more purposefully. This means to know why and when we use the phone and stick to our purpose of using the phone and avoid fruitless browsing. Journaling and meditation can be a great help for mindfulness and concentration, as well as organizing thoughts and actions.

Increase productivity with these methods

Given the inseparable relationship between us and our smartphones. , it is important to be able to use it correctly so that it does not harm other aspects of our life and we can use it as a tool to increase productivity. Take advantage of your daily time, just follow the simple steps mentioned in this article and improve your productivity by making a few simple changes.

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