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Google will soon disable all phone call recording apps

BingMag.com <b>Google</b> will <b>soon</b> <b>disable</b> <b>all</b> <b>phone</b> <b>call</b> <b>recording</b> apps

Some Android UIs, such as MIUI and ColorOS, offer the ability to record phone calls. Google Pixel phones also use this feature by default. But in general, such a feature is not seen among all Android phones, which is largely due to the laws of different countries. But in the meantime, if the phone does not have such a feature, you can always download an application to do so from the Play Store. But now, under the new Play Store rules, all of these apps will be removed from the Google Play Store in the near future.

Google has repeatedly criticized people for taking advantage of this feature over the years. Google released Android 6 without the API for recording phone calls, and with that, developers came up with other ways to provide such a feature. Eventually, however, Android 9 disabled more of these unofficial solutions for recording phone calls, and with Android 10, microphone recording was completely blocked.

BingMag.com <b>Google</b> will <b>soon</b> <b>disable</b> <b>all</b> <b>phone</b> <b>call</b> <b>recording</b> apps

Despite these measures, the developers turned to Android accessibility services for this feature, which are provided for people with hearing, vision and general physical problems. . Android 10 and later uses these services, which was good news for the developers of call recording applications. Google has now announced that developers will no longer be able to use the call recording API contained in the access services. According to a statement issued by Google, these services will face a lot of changes in general, one of which is the lack of access to the call logging API. Google has announced that applications will be denied access to the API as of May 11th. They will not and can record their desired phone calls as before. This means that such a change only applies to applications that are in the Play Store for this purpose. Of course, due to Google's efforts to eliminate this feature, in the near future, even the phones that use this feature from the beginning, will probably face new obstacles.

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Source: XDA-Developers

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