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Google unveils tensor chip; It's all about artificial intelligence

BingMag.com Google unveils tensor chip; It's all about artificial intelligence

Google unveiled the tensor chip a few minutes ago at the Pixel handset launch event. A chip that has very high hardware power and can keep the 6 Series Pixels proud in competition with the best in the market. . But before that, look at the capabilities of the chips that are supposed to be their beating heart; That is, the tensor. Chips that we have heard over and over again about their processing power and graphics, but today the news about them has been officially released and we know we can talk about it without any doubt.

Google Of course It first unveiled the chip in August; An initial unveiling that we did not see much detail about. Currently, this chip is to be used as a beating heart in two standard and Pro models of 6 pixels. Google decided to have its own chip because it is also a software maker. Just like Apple did in order to create a unique harmony between hardware and software.

Of course, the tensor chip should be considered a powerful artificial intelligence processor. That is, the chip that is supposed to be used to improve the artificial intelligence-based experience in the new Google phones, so that the pixels in the field of image processing, voice recognition and things like that, are unique phones. Fortunately, at this event, we were able to find out how many and what kind of cores the chip is made of. , Medium and low are used. Unlike chips like the Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100, which use a powerful Cortex-X1 core, the tensor has two 2.8 GHz cores that, when activated, can definitely have a tremendous impact on the phone's processing speed. To be. So it will be interesting to see how the performance of this chip with two powerful Cortex-X1 cores will compare to the best on the market in speed tests.

BingMag.com Google unveils tensor chip; It's all about artificial intelligence

Of course, the point to note is that Qualcomm and Samsung used the Cortex-A78 as their intermediate kernel, which is also a very powerful kernel. But to reduce the heat generated (probably), Google decided to use the 2.25 GHz Cortex-A76 as the intermediate core. The other four cores are expected to be the Cortex-A55 type with a frequency of 1.8 GHz, which are usually called small or low-power cores. Fortunately or unfortunately, the GPU of this product is the same as we see in many Android flagships; The Mali-G78, which is very powerful but does not seem to be able to match its Adreno counterpart.

So you might think that Google's flagships are not the best on the Android market Considered correct. Of course, in terms of processing power and graphics. But keep in mind that Google operated in the software world before it became a hardware company, and it has always been amazing in this area. It was also mentioned at the event that Tensor is going to make Google's software goals come true more quickly, and it seems to be really good for that.

New Google Phones With Live Translate, companies can translate videos and messages at the highest speeds, perform well in voice recognition, which will be extremely useful in converting speech to text, have unparalleled performance in image processing, and much more. In general, the tensor chip is about 80% more powerful and faster than the Snapdragon 765G used in the Pixel 5 (according to Google itself), which is a significant difference, and it remains to be seen whether this difference will be seen in the real world./p>

Google also praised its powerful chip, saying that the tensor can also guarantee Pixel phones in terms of security. The processor apparently uses the M2 chip, which can protect the phone from malware attacks or other possible attacks. This was a very good decision by Google, and we hope that finally, Android phones can be claimed in terms of security and privacy. What Google did at tonight's event.

At the moment, the tensor chip seems to have everything we expected to see inside a mobile chip. High speed, high processing power, capabilities based on artificial intelligence, computational photography and many other positives. It remains to be seen whether Google can really do well in practice.

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