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Google unveiled the Pixel Buds Pro with an 11-hour battery life

Google unveiled its latest Airbus called the Pixel Buds Pro a few minutes ago during an I/O event. Active noise canceling product with 11 hours of battery life. To compete. This product also has very good features, such as active noise cancellation, long battery life, high sound quality, as well as items such as instant translation and spatial sound, of course, the last two features are coming soon. Add.

Pixel Buds Pro should be considered the first wearable gadget in this category that uses the ability to remove active noise. It seems that Google has worked hard on the quality of this feature because it is said that the performance of this wind in the field of noise cancellation is extremely excellent and it should be considered one of the best of its kind.

Of course These are the words of Google that may not prove themselves in practice as claimed, but on paper, the Pixel Buds Pro looks very persuasive and attractive. The ability to remove active noise in this product is done by a custom six-core audio chip that uses Google's proprietary algorithm. The Pixel Buds Pro eliminates annoying noises in the best possible way, which, thanks to its advanced sensors, does not put any pressure on the ear. Of course, there are concerns that if the wind does not fill all the surrounding cavities, the noise removal process may not be very precise, but Google has a feature called Silent Seal that if the sound somehow gets inside the cavities, it will not reach it. It catches the user's ear.

Another feature of this Airbus is the spatial sound that is said to be added to the PixelBods later this year through a software update. It seems that this update should be available for small Google gadgets when it is unveiled from the Pixel 7 series phones. Spatial sound creates a very exciting sound effect in which the user is centered on the sound source. Therefore, it is a very important and attractive feature.

The battery life of the Pixel Buds Pro has been announced at 11 hours, which is for situations where noise cancellation is disabled. Enabling this option reduces battery life from 11 to 7 hours, which is still a lot of time. For comparison, the Apple AirPads Pro has only 4.5 hours of charge with the ability to remove active noise.

Among other features of this product can be the Transparency feature to eliminate background sounds when making a call or listening to music , The ability to switch between different devices, support for 40 living languages of the world for instant translation and things like that, which has made it one of the most equipped airbags on the market. , Lemon, blue and black, available for $ 200. The color of the case, however, is white in all models. Note that on July 21, you can pre-order the Pixel Buds Pro for $ 200.

Source: PhoneArena

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