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Google Translate app; See the world in your own language!

Although the role of images in human communication has become more prominent than ever with the spread of social networks such as Instagram, it is still the most important means of human language communication. The language we deal with every day in the form of speech and writing. On the other hand, we live in an age where the proliferation of media, new means of communication, and easy travel have brought the four corners very close together. Thus, it is always possible for us to encounter a language other than our mother tongue at any time and in any place. Fortunately, the Google Translate service is a good solution for us. Follow BingMag and review the Google Translate app .

What is Google Translate?

The free Google Translate app is based on Google's translation service. This machine translation service can Translate texts, sounds, images, sites and even videos from one language to another. The Google Translate app, which is available for both Android and iOS, has a relatively long history. Google has gradually added various functionalities such as offline translation and Tab to Translate to this application to make it the best pocket translator. At present, Google's translation service and, by its nature, Google Translate application, can Translate texts between 103 different languages. Out of these 103 languages, you can download information in 52 languages in the Google Translator app and Translate them even without the need for an internet connection.

BingMag.com <b>Google</b> <b>Translate</b> <b>app;</b> <b>See</b> the <b>world</b> in <b>your</b> <b>own</b> language!

User Interface

The Google Translate interface is very simple and straightforward. But beneath this simple appearance are hidden many functionalities. In addition to typing text, you can also use a microphone, camera, and handwriting. Google Translate application has the ability to Translate conversations between 32 languages simultaneously. You can also Translate 37 different languages by taking pictures of the texts. In Handwriting mode, it is also possible to Translate 93 different languages without using a keyboard. The Google Translate app can even Translate the text of your text messages directly into other languages. The Phrasebook section of the Google Translate app, labeled Starred on iOS, lets you save and Translate texts and words that you may need again later. Another feature called Tab to Translate allows you to instantly Translate text by selecting and copying text in any app or part of your phone. However, due to the different nature of the iOS operating system, some of these features, including SMS translation and Tab to Translate, are only available in the Android version.

How to use various Google translation features Should we use (Google Translate)?

The Google Translate application has a lot to say in the field of translation and can do a lot of things. These include:

  • Text translation: Text typing
  • Offline translation: Offline text translation
  • Instant translation with camera: Ability to Translate quickly using the phone's camera
  • Images: Photo capture And upload for translation
  • Conversations: Ability to Translate conversations two-way
  • Signature: Recognize user handwriting for translation li>
  • Vocabulary: Storage of translated words and phrases
  • Translation in various applications: Ability to Translate copied text in various applications (only Android)

To learn how to use these features, we invite you to read this article by BingMag:

Comprehensive guide to using Google Translate

Compile and download Google Translator

The Google Translator app is one of the most useful apps ever for smartphones. Mand made. This application can be categorized as one of the most essential applications that everyone should download and install immediately after launching a new phone. Even people who are fluent in one language may occasionally come across an unfamiliar word or term in a text. In this case, the Google Translate application will be the easiest and fastest way to understand the meaning of the text, with various input methods and an interesting Tab to Translate feature. Note, however, that despite the dramatic improvement in Google's translation service algorithm, Google Translate still cannot replace humans for translating long texts. So although the Google Translate app is very efficient and useful for everyday applications, it should definitely not be used for translation. Use a literary text or a formal letter.

BingMag.com <b>Google</b> <b>Translate</b> <b>app;</b> <b>See</b> the <b>world</b> in <b>your</b> <b>own</b> language!

  • Online translation of texts between 103 different languages
  • Ability to Translate 52 languages offline
  • Simultaneous translation of conversations between 32 languages
  • Translate texts using the camera in 37 languages
  • Support for Handwriting in 93 languages
  • Direct translation of SMS
  • Ability to save translations
  • >
  • Quickly Translate texts in various applications using Tab to Translate

BingMag.com <b>Google</b> <b>Translate</b> <b>app;</b> <b>See</b> the <b>world</b> in <b>your</b> <b>own</b> language!

  • Some features are not available in iOS version
  • Google translation algorithm is not reliable in translating texts Long, technical and literary

BingMag.com <b>Google</b> <b>Translate</b> <b>app;</b> <b>See</b> the <b>world</b> in <b>your</b> <b>own</b> language!

BingMag.com <b>Google</b> <b>Translate</b> <b>app;</b> <b>See</b> the <b>world</b> in <b>your</b> <b>own</b> language!

BingMag.com <b>Google</b> <b>Translate</b> <b>app;</b> <b>See</b> the <b>world</b> in <b>your</b> <b>own</b> language!

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