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Google Pixel 6 Pro with tensor processor was seen in Geekbench

BingMag.com Google Pixel 6 Pro with tensor processor was seen in Geekbench

Google is set to unveil the Pixel 6 series handsets soon in both standard and pro models. In this regard, today we saw the presence of the Pixel 6 Pro model in the GeekBench benchmark. To be marketed. So far, a lot of information has been released about them, but it is natural that until the phone or phones are officially unveiled, there are still questions that need to be answered.

About the Pixel 6 series The same goes for the Pixel 6 Pro. For example, in relation to the design of these products, we can say almost everything we need to know, but we are not very aware of the processing power of the processors that act as the beating heart in them.

The only thing we know about this Google has partnered with Samsung to design its new flagships, and many see the result as an Exynos with a different name. However, Google has decided to name its custom processor a tensor. Samsung is also tasked with providing the series' 50-megapixel main sensor to play one of the key roles in the production of these flagships.

But how powerful is the tensor processor? This is a question that has not yet been answered precisely. Fortunately, we recently saw the Pixel 6 Pro in the GeekBench benchmark to give us a general idea of the power this processor is going to offer. The single and multi-core part did not look good at all, and if we want to be very optimistic, we have to say that this score is registered for the product that is in the initial stage of production, and the final score will definitely be different from what we see.

BingMag.com Google Pixel 6 Pro with tensor processor was seen in Geekbench

As you can see, the Pixel 6 Pro scored only 414 points in the single-core section and 2074 points in the multi-core section. Naturally, this is not something we want to consider for a flagship, and Google must make all the necessary optimizations to improve the hardware performance and its compatibility with the software when it is released, because this time, just like Apple, it is both Google's own hardware manufacturer and Software So the company is completely open to optimization at its best.

The most important information we can get from this geekbench list is the specifications of the 6 Pro Pixel processor. According to this list, the tensor processor uses 8 cores in three different categories, which are arranged next to each other in a 2 + 2 + 4 arrangement. The frequencies of these cores are 2.80 GHz, 2.25 GHz and 1.80 GHz, respectively, which are unlikely to be the two large cores of the same Cortex-X1 used in the Exynos 2100 and Snapdragon 888. Because we have heard that the tensor is weaker than these processors, and since only one core of this type is used in these processors, we should not expect the two cores to be used in the tensor at all.

Finally, the other good news is that this phone is equipped with 12 GB of RAM, which means that the Pixel 6 Pro in the multi section Tasking will be among the best. This news was previously confirmed by John Praser, one of the most famous revelators in the field of technology, and so now, more than ever, we are more sure of this news.

However, there is still a lot of news about the Pixel 6 and The Pixel 6 Pro remains to be heard in detail in the coming weeks. Because it seems we are very close to the time of the unveiling of these products.

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