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Google Pixel Folder Renderings show its possible design

BingMag.com Google Pixel Folder Renderings show its possible design

Google, which recently started promoting the Pixel 6 series phones by installing billboards and releasing various videos, seems to be planning a phone Introducing another one, probably called Folding Pixel, to the world of gadgets later this year. It is worth noting that these renderings indicate the possible design of this phone, and no official information has been released about the definitive design of the Google Pixel Folder. Evidence suggests that the Google Folding Pixel phone display will turn into a fully open 7.6-inch display using Samsung Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) technology. The display probably supports LTPO technology based on 120Hz refresh rate, which means that the refresh rate will change based on the activity in progress. The display's 120Hz refresh rate makes it much more enjoyable for users to quickly and smoothly play games, watch movies, and even scroll content on virtual networks. And the possible similarity of this phone with Samsung Galaxy Z 3 Fold has been published, which gives us good information about it. The folding pixel uses an external display with a selfie camera in the aperture. According to the latest rumors, this phone seems to be using the new Google Tensor processor.

BingMag.com Google Pixel Folder Renderings show its possible design Published renderings indicate That is, the foldable pixel rear camera system will be very similar to the Pixel 6 series camera module, although we do not yet know what lenses the camera will include. On the other hand, there is a possibility that this phone will use the camera under the screen. Google filed a patent for a sub-screen camera in May this year, which it likely uses in a foldable pixel.

Google recently filed a patent for an innovative folding pixel hinge

Google has used the nickname Passport for its folding pixel, but it seems that the company also intends to introduce another model of folding pixel, nicknamed Jumbojack. Rumor has it that Google will introduce only one foldable pixel by the end of this year, but if there is a second version, it will probably introduce it in 2022.

BingMag.com Google Pixel Folder Renderings show its possible design According to an informed source, Google filed another patent on September 23 this year entitled" Soft and Multi-Axis Hinge Mechanism for Folding Phones "at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Has registered. The hinge is designed so that the screen of the phone can be folded easily and no damage is done to its components when used.

The Google Folding Pixel phone will probably be introduced with the Android 12 operating system. This version of Android is expected to include useful tools in its user interface for working with clamshell phones and tablets so that users can make the most of these gadgets. However, we have to wait and see what reaction the company's folding models will face from users and enthusiasts.

Source: Phonearena

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