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Google mocked LG for leaving the phone market, but it may be next

BingMag.com Google mocked LG for leaving the phone market, but it may be next

In a strange move, Google mocked LG for leaving the mobile market, while some believe that Google is also a candidate to leave The mobile market is considered.

Note that this article contains the personal views of the source author; So some may disagree.

This year has been a tough year for LG fans and enthusiasts. While the company was preparing to launch many products with attractive appearance capabilities and special innovations, adopting a series of incorrect policies caused the company to not perform well in the market as it should and thus decided to fully Give up the production and sale of phones. But a series of misguided policies prevented LG from operating in the smartphone market as it did in its heyday. As a result, he was forced to give up the phone. LG's exit from the smartphone market, however, was not good news for technology lovers, as the company was very innovative in the design of its handsets, and happened to be producing a roll-up phone before leaving the market. A product that unfortunately we have never seen its official release to the market. LG Volut and LG Wing can also be mentioned as two models of the best and most attractive phones of the Korean company, which, of course, are available in the market, unlike the rolling model.

But with LG leaving the mobile market, many Users and enthusiasts of the company's products no longer showed interest in buying it. Because the company announced that it no longer supports its products. That's why these users are now looking for a new brand, in the meantime Google saw an opportunity to attract them.

The way Google used to persuade users was also very attractive. The American company mocked LG in a 9-minute video in order to attract positive feedback from users. A video about why a user who used to be proud of owning an LG-branded phone should buy Pixel series phones now that his beloved company no longer makes smartphones.

But the reasons why Google in this video for Buying pixels was a combination of the pixels' unique and good capabilities, as well as a number of hilarious reasons. For example, one of these cases was that when you say "pixel", someone might think that you have uttered the word "pickle". As a result, you will have a free pickle!

This video sounds interesting and funny and at the same time creative, but if we take our minds out of it a bit and think about something more important, we will see that maybe Let Google suffer the same fate that LG, with all its brilliant history, ultimately suffered.

If Google wants to last longer than LG, the Pixel 6 series must sell well

BingMag.com Google mocked LG for leaving the phone market, but it may be next

But the question we have to ask is whether the Pixel 6 and the Pro model can sell well enough Do we want to predict that Google will not suffer the fate of LG? According to the author of the source website, if Google wants to avoid the fate of the Korean company or at best last longer in the market, it must be able to successfully sell its new handsets.

Google's new handsets After a long wait, they were finally unveiled in October this year in two models, standard and Peru. Even before the official unveiling of these phones, many news agencies published news about them because a lot was expected from these phones. Whether the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro were able to live up to expectations is a matter for us to determine, as less than a month has passed since the unveiling of these handsets, so we can't comment definitively on their quality./p>

But many users thought that Google wanted to give a major boost to these phones this year and increase its activity in large markets. Or even expand the supply market of its phones and we will no longer see the supply of the company's products in limited areas. But after the official release of this series from the American company's flagships, we realized that the Pixel 6 series were not produced at all in the expected number. It is interesting to know that currently only one model of the Pixel 6 Pro with a memory combination is available on Google's official website, which means that the number of phones produced is definitely small.

Of course, Google in the description Regarding the lack of new handsets, he said that because of the high demand, some Pixel 6 Pro models may not be available or will arrive later than expected. Google used the phrase "high demand" in its statement, not directly blaming itself for saying that the number of phones produced was too small and we did not expect that many phones to be sold.

Reasons for shortage The Pixel 6 series could be different, and that was just a guess made by the author of the source website. Currently, all chip-related industries are in trouble because everyone is severely affected by chip shortages. For a variety of reasons, including successive droughts in Taiwan, water shortages, and chip production difficulties, chip companies such as TSMC are now struggling to deliver their customers' orders as they are being shipped. All of this aside, the outbreak of the Corona virus in recent months has also hampered the supply chains of many companies. All of this went hand in hand so that many companies, including Google, had trouble making their phones. But the question is, if this is really the main reason for the lack of Pixel 6 phones, why have Apple, Samsung and other big smartphone companies that happen to sell more than Google never had a problem getting the phone their users needed? Isn't it true that even Google itself is not so self-confident? Properly produced, or even sold, what guarantee is there that it will not gradually come to the conclusion that it is only losing money by producing a smartphone, and eventually decide to exit the mobile market and do the same software work that it has done so far? Has it been busy?

BingMag.com Google mocked LG for leaving the phone market, but it may be next

Google Pixel 6 Pro, Google's flagship

But how can Pixel phones help Google build a bright future as a smartphone maker? Despite the lack of smartphones right now, the move by Google to decide to build proprietary chips for its new handsets was great. And in fact, hoping for high sales of its Pixel series phones, it will continue to build a dedicated chip for them, and this is a good sign for the users and fans of this company. Because when it comes to the name of a proprietary chip, our subconscious mind is directed to Apple and the unique coordination that exists between the company's hardware and software. Users are now excited about the company's handsets, hoping that one day Google will be able to create this unique harmony in their phones as well, as Google itself is the maker of software and hardware.

Of course, this can be found on the source website It was also suggested that Google may want to act as a chip maker, like Qualcomm, in the mobile market. That is exactly what Samsung is doing right now, and the Pixel phones are actually the body that the American company can use to show its chip power to users. But that is unlikely to happen because we have heard that Google wants to make a clamshell phone, and this is not something a company wants to do to become a chip supplier. However, we have to wait and see which hypothesis will eventually come true.

In any case, the smartphone market, both in terms of chips and smartphones, is extremely competitive and companies are competing fiercely with each other. are. Even the world's software giant, Microsoft, has not yet been able to establish itself as a company eligible to compete with well-known companies such as Samsung and Apple. So no matter how big Google is, its success is not guaranteed at all, and everything has to do with its good performance in the production of the phone and the services it provides to users.

Google to become a successful company , Has a long way to go. The company will first have to overtake a number of smaller companies in terms of sales to be able to compete with companies such as Apple, Xiaomi and Samsung. Otherwise, if the company wants to continue to produce expensive handsets with a lot of problems and does not provide any valuable services, it will definitely be in trouble and may not get a chance to leave small companies behind at all.>

At the moment, Google has no place in the bits of the top smartphone companies, and this is quite natural and understandable. The American company with the Pixel 6 series wants to officially start its work in this field, and although it has been active in the field of phone production before, but compared to the actions it has taken in this generation, it can be said that so far it has only been doing trial and error. Is. Currently, companies such as Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo control more than 70% of the Red Mobile market. But with LG exiting this competitive market, Google has the opportunity to rise to a higher position. It is also possible that smaller brands will leave the market after a while and Google's chances will increase even more. But as mentioned, nothing is clear at the moment and we have to wait and see what happens. Maybe Google is the company that will soon be out of this market!

Source: PhoneArena

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