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Google may support Pixel 6 for 5 years

BingMag.com Google may support Pixel 6 for 5 years

Authoritative sources released information this week about the performance and camera of the Google Pixel 6 Series, but the most important information among them is that the company Google has officially committed to supporting the Pixel 6 with 5 years of upgrades. Revealer reports also confirm that the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will both benefit from Google updates for 5 years.

This change represents a huge improvement over the previous generation of pixels, which 3 years of limited support. Google also adhered to this timeline and cut Pixel 2 after offering the Android 11 update and upgraded Pixel 3 to Android 12 with its latest major update. The company has surpassed the 4-year update that Android phones will have at its best by offering a 5-year update, and now its goal is to reach Apple's update schedule.

BingMag.com Google may support Pixel 6 for 5 years

Unfortunately, Google has not mentioned how long it takes to support the major Android updates in the 5-pixel series, but this means that they have been supported by the company's updates for less than 5 years. they take. Google usually introduces a new series of phones at an event in October. The company did not disclose much information about the Google Pixel 6, but even raised more questions about the series, especially Google's proprietary chip, the Google Tensor.

In addition to using the tensor chip, the series Google Pixel 6 has made good progress in terms of design. Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have used a creative design that is likely to be welcomed by users and enthusiasts. Also, given the leaked information and, of course, the good track record of the Google Pixel series of phones, one can expect the Pixel 6 series to have an outstanding performance in terms of camera as well. It is said that Google's tensor processor will be a personalized version of a Samsung Exynos chip. The chip is expected to be between the Exynos 2100 and 2200 chipsets in terms of performance.

BingMag.com Google may support Pixel 6 for 5 years

Rumors It indicates that the display of the Pixel 6 series phones will support a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Both products will be equipped with a fingerprint sensor under the display screen. The Pro Pixel 6 will have three rear cameras, while the Pixel 6 will have two rear cameras. Some reports have suggested that the two phones will charge faster, and that Google plans to introduce a wireless charging stand at its event.

No, and the company has more plans for this event. Google will probably release a stable version of Android 12 at this event, and we can see the final details of this version of the Android operating system. Along with Android 12, it is said that Google has plans to introduce a clamshell phone this year. Although the possibility of a full introduction of the Pixel clamshell phone at this event is not very high, but Google may show us clues from this phone.

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