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Google is working on the second generation of its own tensor chip

Recent reports suggest that Google plans to use the second-generation tensor chipset as the beating heart of the Pixel 7 series handsets. Recently, new information has been found in the source code of the Pixel 6 series, which refers to the next generation of Google tensor chips and is seen with the code name Cloudripper.

Based on this information, Cloudripper with the model number GS201 is the platform name that The second generation of the tensor processor has been tested on it. The first generation of the Google tensor chip used in the best Android phones has the model number GS101, which indicates the similarity between the two model numbers, which is probably the second generation of Google's tensor processor. Using the tensor chip in the Pixel 6 series, Google has declared its self-sufficiency in building a proprietary chipset. For this reason, we will probably see the use of the second Google tensor chip in the Pixel 7 series phones.

BingMag.com Google is working on the second generation of its own tensor chip

It also uses the Mali G78MP20 GPU GPU, which gives users a better experience of Performs heavier games than the Samsung Exynos 2100. However, what sets this processor apart from other flagship phone chips is its AI performance. Since the Cloudripper codename is found in related Google Pixel apps, it is not surprising that Google is developing the second generation Tensor. This chipset is likely to be used as the beating heart of Google's Pixel 7 series phone.

As you know, after Apple's A-series chips and Samsung's Exynos, Google entered the game of proprietary chips with a tensor processor. The Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) is a type of artificial intelligence-accelerated integrated circuit (ASIC) that Google introduced in 2016 specifically for machine learning neural networks. This processing unit uses Google's proprietary software called TensorFlow, which is actually a math library for machine learning applications (such as neural networks). In short, the TPU is a computer chip built for Google's open source machine learning platform, Tensorflow.

BingMag.com Google is working on the second generation of its own tensor chip/p>

The company has already used TPU in Google Cloud and the neural core of Pixel 4 phones. In its use as a neural nucleus, TPU greatly speeds up image processing, which contributes to features such as Live HDR and speech recognition in the new generation of Google Assistant. Before introducing this processing unit in 2016, Google had used it for a year in its data servers. Pixel smartphones are being improved, and the processing elements in photography have been enhanced with artificial intelligence and machine learning. In addition, it is said that the Pixel 6 uses a tensor to apply HDR to each video separately, surpassing Apple in this regard. Tensor allows the same HDRNet processing that applies to still images to be implemented on individual video frames.

Google has announced a new security core called Titan M2 in Tensor It makes the Pixel 6 and possibly future handsets the most hardware secure among existing handsets. This is the latest version of the Titan M series of security auxiliary processors, and the Titan series was first introduced in 2018 for the Pixel 3 phones. The tensor CPU consists of eight processing cores, including two high-power cores, two semi-powerful cores, and four low-power cores. Machine and all-encompassing features, such as the always-on display mode and the Now Playing feature (which detects songs playing in the background), enable low battery consumption.

Thanks to the tensor chip, the assistant Google uses Google's most accurate automatic speech recognition (ASR) system, and Google offers features such as live subtitling or live recording to access ASR without high battery consumption. Google's tensor chip is designed to deliver a superior chip (SoC) system that offers everything that is expected of a mobile SoC and beyond.

Source: Androidcentral

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