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Google is reducing the Play Store subscription fee from 30% to 15%

BingMag.com Google is reducing the Play Store subscription fee from 30% to 15%

After a 15% reduction in Google Play Store fee in March, the company decided to make changes to its Play Store subscription fee that Include all developers of this store. At present, Google's subscription policy is the same as Apple's. This means that Google receives a 30% subscription fee in the first year and up to 15% per year if users continue to subscribe.

But given that many businesses Because of the ongoing law that they can not benefit from this reduction in subscriptions, Google has decided to reduce its Play Store subscription fee to 15% from the beginning and virtually remove the previous year's subscription requirement. It is worth noting that this reduction was previously limited to the first $ 1 million business revenue.

BingMag.com Google is reducing the Play Store subscription fee from 30% to 15%

Has been appealed by the court in the Epic Games case. The court ruled in nine of the 10 Epic Games claims against Apple, and the company failed in only one case, one of which was forcing Apple not to use a third-party payment gateway. According to the ruling, Apple must enable in-app payment options for other software developers by December.

As you know, Apple has a strict rule in its App Store that does not allow developers to use From their own payment gateway in apps or games. Of course, this is just one example of Apple's strictures, because there are so many other limitations that if you are an iPhone user, you will definitely know them. In protest, Apple wants to postpone the necessary changes to its policies towards the App Store until December, when the two companies' appeals will be processed. The company said that if it allowed developers to use their own payment gateway, it could not guarantee the security of its users against possible scams.

BingMag.com Google is reducing the Play Store subscription fee from 30% to 15%

Cupertinos believe that enabling this option for users will put more burden on the company and potentially add to the hundreds of thousands of reports it has previously received from users. However, Apple has only appealed to the court, but it is unclear whether the court will appeal its ruling. In September, Apple was able to prove otherwise in court and claim victory in a lawsuit filed by Epic Games. On the other hand, in 2020, Epic Games deliberately violated its contract with the Apple App Store in order to enable its customers' payment option and to disobey Apple's strict policies in the App Store. Since AIPAC Games had a legal contract with Apple, the court ruled that it should pay the company any revenue it collected outside of Apple's payment system. Allows Apple 90 days to use alternative payment methods in the App Store. But Apple says making changes to their store could upset the balance between the App Store developers and customers. They believe that delaying the implementation time of the changes will not harm Epic Games, but if more time is given to the company, Apple can make the necessary adjustments by maintaining a balance between the developers and the App Store customers.

Source: Macrumors

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