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Google is preparing the Pixel 6 series for a major update

Google intends to keep users of the Pixel 6 series satisfied with the release of a major update called "At a Glance". This update includes a number of new features that will likely be released for these phones soon. These features include announcing the charge percentage of Bluetooth devices connected to the Pixel 6, the ability to ring the door and notify the phone's flash. In this article, we are going to take a look at the new features of the Google Pixel 6 "At a Glance" update.

Google may never release these features for this phone, so we will try to Provide you with the features that are most certain based on the latest reports. An update to the Android app's smart app (S10 version) will be released, bringing a new "smart space".

BingMag.com Google is preparing the Pixel 6 series for a major update

Features that already existed in the Google Pixel Series 6 and other pixels include:

  • Mobility: Users They can check the traffic of their destination.
  • Weather: Users can check the weather in their city.
  • Meteorological notifications: Notify you of bad weather.
  • Travel capability
  • Advance plans announcements: Notifies you of calendar events and reminders.
  • Job Profile: Notifies you of calendar events and reminders.

Design The web version of the Play Store will eventually change

But the new "At a Glance" update adds a number of new features to the Pixel 6 series handsets that can satisfy users as much as possible. Mind. These new features are as follows:

  • Store feature: When you are in a supported store, you can use the shopping list and Google Pay rewards card.
  • Time feature Sleep: Your future sleep time is displayed from the clock app.
  • Capability of devices connected to the phone: strong> Shows the connection status and battery information of your Bluetooth device.
  • Ringtone: When your doorbell rings, it notifies you who is behind the
  • Fitness capability: Report your fitness activity information from the fitness app.
  • Flashlight capability: When flashing The phone is on to remind you by sending a notification.
  • Health check feature: Countdown safety check from personal security app
  • Timer feature and Stopwatch: Timer and stopwatch information is shown to you from the Clock app.

The "Store" feature is already in the teaser Material U has been observed and the "timer and stopwatch" feature from the beta period of Android 12 can also be seen. In this big update, Google will allow more apps to work with and integrate with each other, such as the Personal Security app with the Google Clock app. In this update, Pixel 6 reports your sports activities to you as a notification, and in another new feature, it reminds you when the phone's flash is on by sending a notification. It should be noted that none of these features have been released yet, and it is unclear when they will be widely available to Google users.

BingMag.com Google is preparing the Pixel 6 series for a major update

Unlike Apple, which did not make any major changes to its iPhones this year, Google unveiled the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro to unveil major changes to its flagship phones, both in terms of design and hardware, which is more powerful this year. It has always entered the field of competition. The Pixel 6 has a new look for Google phones and definitely stands out from today's leading phones.

Instead of a camera array on the side of the phone, the cameras are in a horizontal bar on the back of the phone. It extends. This approach also has a practical side effect: some phones shake due to the camera array when placed on the back, but the Pixel 6 is relatively flat, even if the bar protrudes from the back of the phone.

Google It launches the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro with a powerful tensor processor that can do amazing things. Thanks to this chip, Google's new handsets can translate videos and messages at the highest speed with the Live Translate feature, perform well in voice recognition, and display unparalleled performance in image processing.

Both Google flagship phones are waterproof thanks to IP68 certification. Also, according to Google, these phones will receive Android updates for 3 years and security updates for 5 years, which is a very good software support for these two phones.

Source: 9to5google

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