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Google is changing the design of its iOS applications

BingMag.com Google is changing the design of its iOS applications

When you look at Google Apps on both iOS and iPadOS, you will notice that the interface of these apps is very similar to the user interface that this Apps are offered on the Android operating system. The occurrence of this incident has caused various complaints from the past to the present about the incompatibility of their user interface with the iOS operating system.

In fact, the various components of the user interface of these apps in the iOS operating system, such as switches , Buttons and Banners are all designed using Google's design language in Android called Material Design. Of course, it seems that after a long time, Google wants to modernize its apps to make their design language compatible with the design language of iPhone and iPad.

In a recent tweet by Jeff Verkoeyen, head of Google's design engineering department For the Apple platform, it has been reported that Google has been trying to fix problems with Apple's UIKit for all these years.

This happened because Apple's UIKit lacks Here are some basic elements that Google needs in its apps. The lack of these elements has led Google to design its own menus, lists and other necessary elements, which has ultimately led to the similarity of the iOS app interface with the company's Android operating system.

But now Google believes Apple's UIKit is mature enough to rely entirely on app design. As a result, the company no longer has to redesign the buttons for its apps.

BingMag.com Google is changing the design of its iOS applications

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Of course, it's necessary to say that Google will use some of its own elements in them even after updating its apps to give Google a sense of the apps developed for iOS Keep Google alive.

Google is currently customizing some of its APIs on iOS. For example, after adding widgets to iOS after the release of iOS 14, the company added support for this feature to its apps. Some users have complained to Google about adding new features to apps developed for iOS before adding that feature to the Android operating system.

Finally, it remains to be seen It is not clear when these apps will come to the iOS App Store with a new look, and it is not even clear if these changes will be gradual or not.

What do you think of Google on iOS? Are you annoyed by the use of Google Material Design language in iOS?

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