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Google has warned 14,000 users about Russian group phishing emails

Google released security updates on October 8 in response to a month-long effort by a Russian group nicknamed APT28 to target users phishing. The company estimates that it has emailed 14,000 users and informed them of the issue. The Google Threat Analysis Team (TAG) says a group of hackers called APT28s, also known as fantasy bears, have targeted journalists, government agents and other officials through phishing attacks.

Sources Aware of the possible cooperation of this Russian group with the Russian government, they reportedly were also responsible for hacking the National Committee of Democrats and the Clinton campaign in 2016. Affected users received alerts about phishing attacks, and the TAG assured them that their emails were automatically blocked by the system. Google recommends sending these alerts to alert users to phishing attacks and asking them to sign up for the Advanced Protection Program (APP) to protect their accounts from many cyber threats.

BingMag.com Google has warned 14,000 users about Russian group phishing emails

To boost user security, Google claims to work with organizations such as the International Foundation for Electoral Systems for up to 10,000 keys Publish security. In addition, Google has forced YouTube and Google users to automatically sign up for two-step authentication. The tech company aims to protect users from cyber-attacks and phishing attacks by groups such as Fantasy Bear with Advanced Protection Software (APP), security keys and multi-step authentication.

Google believes active Making security arrangements by default is the best way to keep users safe. In May of this year, Google announced plans to enable two-step authentication for users by default. The search giant recently reaffirmed in a post that it will register 150 million users with two-step authentication by the end of the year.

BingMag.com Google has warned 14,000 users about Russian group phishing emails

However, Google says it only registers accounts that have appropriate two-step authentication mechanisms. In an effort to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts, the company is asking two million YouTube users to enable two-step authentication so they can access the studio software from November 1.

Google to integrate Further sign-in adds the ability to auto-complete passwords stored in other apps to the Chrome browser password management on iOS. IOS users will also soon be able to create secure passwords for any app, such as Google AutoComplete on Android devices.

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