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Google has named TickTock the world's most visited website

BingMag.com <b>Google</b> <b>has</b> <b>named</b> <b>TickTock</b> the <b>world's</b> <b>most</b> <b>visited</b> website

Google is no longer the most visited website in the world because it gave the title to its newcomer rival, Tikotak, after years of dominance.

News at a Glance

  • TickTock was able to get the title of the most visited website from Google.
  • This powerful social network became the first to be ranked last year. It was seventh.
  • Of course, TickTook is still not as big and famous in terms of the number of users as Facebook, Instagram and Google.
  • According to forecasts, this social network will probably have a share of 20 by the end of 2022. Google will no longer be the most visited website in the world, according to a report by Cloudflare. The American company, which had been able to retain the title for several years, fell to a lower level as its fledgling rival, TickTock, topped the list.

    Cloudflare's list of most visited websites Which shows how much traffic a site has from one year to the next. We used to see Google.com, which includes services like map (Google Map), translation (Google Translate), news, etc., as the most visited website in the world, and we did not think that one day an American company with so many users Lose your title. At least not like this, and to an app that is quite new.

    The interesting thing is that Google has surpassed last year as the most visited website in the world, at which time Tikotak was in seventh place. This was the case. This year, in 2021, Tiktok.com was able to surpass Google, Facebook, Amazon and many other popular and popular domains and reach the top of the table. Below you can find a list of the 10 most popular websites this year.

  • Tiktok.com
  • Google.com
  • Facebook.com
  • Microsoft.com
  • Apple.com
  • Amazon.com
  • Netflix.com
  • YouTube.com
  • WhatsApp.com
  • Cloudflare wrote about Tikotak's success in reaching the top of the list of the most visited websites in the world: "It was on February 17, 2021 that Tikotak One day it managed to become the most visited website in the world. In March, we saw this website as the most visited website for a few days, but from August 10, 2021 onwards, Tikotak was able to appear as the leader in many days. "There were days when Google came in first, but in October and November, most of the days Ticketack topped the list, including Thanksgiving and Black Friday." Cloudflare released the most popular social media domains, the most popular business platforms, and the most popular streaming video websites. There is no doubt that Amazon, as the most visited trading platform, has finished this year because no other company can be found in this field without this company. Amazon was followed by companies such as Taobao, eBay and Walmart.

    The most popular video streaming services were the extremely popular and powerful service called Netflix, followed by YouTube and HBOMax. Interestingly, we did not see Twitch among the top 10 streaming services with so many audiences and popularity.

    What do these numbers mean?

Source: Search Engine Journal

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