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Google Chrome vs. Samsung Internet; Which browser is better?

BingMag.com <b>Google</b> <b>Chrome</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>Samsung</b> <b>Internet;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>browser</b> is better?

Samsung phones usually have two browsers, Google Chrome and Samsung Internet, by default. However, there is always debate among users as to Which browser is better. Many users of Android mobile phones use Google Chrome as the main browser in their mobile phone. In fact, they prefer Google Chrome to Samsung Internet; But is Google Chrome really the best Android browser?

BingMag.com <b>Google</b> <b>Chrome</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>Samsung</b> <b>Internet;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>browser</b> is better?

We all know that Samsung Internet browser is as good as Google Chrome is not known, but all Samsung users will see this browser on their device from day one. To identify a good browser, there are five main factors that we will talk about in this article, and for each factor, we will introduce the winning browser so that we can finally reach a good summary.

In this article from BingMag, we will put the Internet under the microscope of Google Chrome and Samsung browsers so that we can identify the top browser and introduce it to you. So if you also like to use a great browser on your Android device, follow us to the end of this fascinating article.

1) browser speed

The first important factor and Impressive to identify a good browser is its speed. Although the scores of the criteria in the real world are not always the same, it is better to use them for a closer look. For this section, we have used three metrics: JetStream2 to measure speed

  • MotionMark to measure graphic performance
  • Speedometer to measure performance Answer
  • To get the most accurate results, we run each metric three times in both browsers. The following is an average of the total of 18 test courses we have taken. It is also interesting to note that the higher the numbers, the better the performance of the browser. Now look at the table below carefully.

    BingMag.com <b>Google</b> <b>Chrome</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>Samsung</b> <b>Internet;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>browser</b> is better? As you can see, Google Chrome has succeeded That Samsung browser will beat the Internet in two out of three criteria. Our benchmark in this MotionMark benchmark was that Google Chrome was able to attract our attention with a high difference compared to Samsung Internet. It's also worth noting that these numbers are slightly different in the real world, but overall Google Chrome won the first factor in this article.

    Winner: Google Chrome

    2) Availability and synchronization with different platforms

    Google Chrome browser is available for download on iOS, Android and Windows, but Samsung Internet browser only for Android Available and downloadable. Samsung Internet is also pre-installed on all Samsung devices and is set as the default browser from the beginning. If you have a device from another manufacturer, you can download this browser from the Google Play Store or use the button below.

    Download Samsung Internet browser

    Another area where Google Chrome beats Samsung Internet It can be synchronized with different platforms. In fact, with Google Chrome, you just need to log in to your Google account to easily access all the platforms you have logged in with your Google Account.

    Download Google Chrome from Google Play Download Google Chrome from the App Store

    It is interesting to know that if you want to access your bookmarks and favorites stored on your Android device's Samsung's desktop on your system's desktop, you still have to use Google Chrome. In fact, you should install the Samsung Internet extension on your Google Chrome desktop! As a result, the winner of the "accessibility and synchronization with different platforms" factor is still Google Chrome.

    Winner: Google Chrome

    3) User Interface

    The third important factor in identifying the best Android browser is its user interface. One of the things we love about the Samsung Internet browser is how it manages its dark mode. Of course, both browsers support dark mode, but Google Chrome does not implement it well and accurately, and in fact does not take this feature seriously.

    Interestingly, in many cases, dark mode Google Chrome is enabled, some pages are still available to us normally and clearly, and only the URL bar of the sites and the internal settings menu are darkened!

    BingMag.com <b>Google</b> <b>Chrome</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>Samsung</b> <b>Internet;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>browser</b> is better?

    Samsung Internet browser darkens your screen as much as possible and even makes some elements in selected sites completely black. This will save less battery power for longer browsing and less damage to your eyes.

    BingMag.com <b>Google</b> <b>Chrome</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>Samsung</b> <b>Internet;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>browser</b> is better?

    Samsung Internet is much more customizable and user-friendly than Google Chrome in terms of user interface. This difference can be easily seen in the photo above. Additionally, you can hide your mobile status bar at the top of the screen to make full use of your screen. It is clear that the winner of the "Internet Browser" section is Samsung Internet.

    Winner: Samsung Internet

    4) Privacy and security of users

    Both browsers provide their users with private browsing feature. However, Google Chrome's incognito mode has nothing to do with Samsung Internet's incognito mode. Samsung's Internet has much more control over users. Offers itself. For example, you can enable Secret mode with the password you want so that no one but you can access your private pages in the Samsung Internet browser.

    BingMag.com <b>Google</b> <b>Chrome</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>Samsung</b> <b>Internet;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>browser</b> is better?

    Also, if you secretly download images, videos, and audio files, they will not appear in your gallery as normal downloads, and you can only hide them while using them. Open. This way, your private downloads will always remain private. Unfortunately, Google Chrome incognito mode does not provide any of these to its users! To track you down. You can also block auto-downloads and receive alerts when logging in to unsafe sites. In this case, Samsung Internet undoubtedly defeated Google Chrome.

    Winner: Samsung Internet

    5 Special Features

    Both browsers allow you to save your card numbers and details in the online form auto-fill section for faster transactions. Google Chrome, on the other hand, translates web pages better than Samsung Internet. Also, if there is a site that you visit often, you can use Google Chrome to add it to your homepage and access the page with just a simple click whenever you need to.

    BingMag.com <b>Google</b> <b>Chrome</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>Samsung</b> <b>Internet;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>browser</b> is better?

    Samsung Internet browser with other useful features such as QR scanner and the ability to save web pages as a PDF file again from Google Chrome is ahead. You can also download useful Samsung Internet add-ons such as Amazon Assistant and ad-blockers from the Galaxy Store. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use Google Chrome extensions on Android at this time.

    Winner: Samsung Internet


    In this article, after a thorough review of Samsung Internet and Google Chrome browsers, we find that Samsung Internet has been liked by many users and has many useful features to improve your browsing experience. However, Samsung's biggest weakness of the Internet, the lack of non-Android versions, bothers many users and fans.

    In fact, Google Chrome has no particular problem and has many fans; But it is very clear that Google applies the "if something is not broken, do not fix it" approach to your browser. If syncing a browser across multiple platforms is really important to you, you should probably stay away from Samsung Internet. Of course, if you want the best browser for your Android device, we can not recommend Google Chrome because the winner of this article is the Samsung Internet browser.

    What do you think is the best Android browser? Share your comments and suggestions with us and other BingMag users.

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