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Google Chrome became the fastest browser according to Apple tests

BingMag.com <b>Google</b> <b>Chrome</b> <b>became</b> the <b>fastest</b> <b>browser</b> <b>according</b> to <b>Apple</b> tests

according to tests and experiments conducted by Apple, Google Chrome browser managed to become the fastest browser among more than 300 other browsers.


There are currently many browsers that users can use to suit their tastes in daily web browsing, but it has always been a question of which browser is better than other browsers? Definitely someone who has several years of experience working with a browser, regardless of the facts, considers his favorite application as the best example available, which is somewhat right. Because it is so widely used in everyday use, the browser is completely in tune with the user's habits and can not easily be ignored even by ordinary examples.

But what do the statistics say? according to repeated surveys, Google Chrome has been named the best browser overall and now has the most users in the world compared to other browsers. Especially users of personal computers and even Apple Macs that use Safari as the default browser. It seems that with the recent update that Google has released, the situation of the browser's croc has also improved. Be recognized as the fastest browser and even eliminate Safari, which of course was anticipated. In the benchmark test, Apple reviewed 300 different browsers in different areas and gave them a score, and finally the Chrome browser in its 99th update version, whose prioritization system has been significantly improved thanks to ThinLTO. It looks better than others.

Chrome Thanks to this new algorithm, 7.% of the Safari browser has a better view in loading different web pages. On Mac computers running the M1 chip, Chrome outperformed not 7% but 43% of Safari, which is odd and great at the same time.

Of course, Google Chrome browser users on the operating system Android should not be forgotten either, because the new update has been a good thing for them as well. according to studies, Google's popular browser on the Android operating system performs 15% better than before on loading web pages. This speed increase can be considered a sequel to that extremely important update of Google Chrome, which increased the startup speed by 13% and improved the management of RAM usage. Overall, Google Chrome is now faster, smarter, more efficient, and more usable than its predecessors, making it an incredibly enjoyable experience for users of any operating system and platform compared to other browsers.

Google In addition to having good software capabilities, Chrome is also one of the best and perhaps the most widely used browser in the world in terms of security and privacy. Google regularly releases updates for all versions of Chrome on various devices so that users do not have security issues.

It should be noted that these tests were performed by Apple, so we can not call it a hoax. Know advertising or something similar from Google that is done only to attract the audience. However, some companies are not very happy with the good performance of Chrome, the most famous of which is Microsoft, which a few months ago added something to the Edge browser that mocked Chrome when downloading through it. Not so interesting work from Microsoft, which was also accompanied by a sharp reaction from users. But in the end, not only has Chrome not lost its popularity, but it has also earned the title of the fastest browser out of 300.

What is your favorite browser on different platforms? Do you, like Apple, think Google Chrome is the best and fastest browser today?

Source: Android Central

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