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Google artificial intelligence reduces air pollution by controlling traffic lights

BingMag.com Google artificial intelligence reduces air pollution by controlling traffic lights

Traffic lights based on incorrect scheduling not only waste citizens' time, but also harm the environment and public health. A few hours ago, Google unveiled a number of software products whose main goal is to improve the environment. One of Google's projects uses artificial intelligence to increase the efficiency of traffic lights to reduce air pollution.

The project manager says that when your vehicle stops at a crossroads, it wastes fuel And more air pollution. But Google wants to provide more accurate scheduling for traffic lights by measuring and calculating traffic conditions in different parts of the city.

Google has tested this AI at four points in Israel. The company says that thanks to the project, fuel consumption and latency have been reduced by 10 to 20 percent. Google did not share any details about the average daily traffic in these areas, but according to the released clip, it seems that this artificial intelligence has been tested at relatively busy intersections. It is also unclear how this AI works with current systems used for traffic lights.

BingMag.com Google artificial intelligence reduces air pollution by controlling traffic lights

The idea of allowing artificial intelligence to determine when vehicles stop or move in The best case scenario may seem daunting and potentially dangerous, but ultimately the idea of improving the performance of traffic lights has many benefits. In any case, we hope that such projects can significantly reduce fuel waste and the resulting pollution.

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Source: Engadget

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