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Google adds new features to search page and Google Lens

BingMag.com Google adds new features to search page and Google Lens

Google unveiled some incredibly attractive features for the search page as well as Google Lens at its Search On conference a few hours ago./p>

We saw a lot of interesting things in tonight's Google event. From the new design of the search page to the new features that were added to Google Lens to significantly change the user experience. Let's start with the Google search page. Where it has now been changed so that the user can more easily access what they want.

Search page with a new look and many features

This change in design caused As a result of your search, the user will see different images and videos in order to more easily achieve what he is looking for. This feature will be especially useful when you are looking for an idea to decorate your home at various events, for example.

Search (About This Search) gives you more information about what you are looking for. This information includes comments and suggestions from people who have previously searched for similar items.

In addition, the About The Topic section has been added to your search page. Allows users to retrieve information from other sources about what they are looking for. Video-based suggestions are another feature that will be added to Google search soon. Thanks to this feature, when the user is watching a video from YouTube, for example, a box at the bottom of the video will see that "you can click on this option to access information related to this video." Just click on it to get more and more comprehensive information about that video. All of this will definitely make us no longer have to waste a lot of time finding something on Google and getting what we want more quickly and accurately.

But that's not all; Thanks to MUM technology, Google will completely transform its search page in a few months. In a way, a separate section called "Things to Know" is to be considered so that the user can more easily access what he wants. This section, with the power of MUM, displays its contents to the user.

Google Lens

If you remember, at this year's Google I/O event, MUM technology Based on artificial intelligence was unveiled. Perhaps it is safe to say that in the last few years, no more interesting and practical technology has been unveiled than MUM. If you are wondering what MUM is and what it does, we can say that this technology is able to understand the information you need in various formats such as image, text, video, etc., and thus display what it should.

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But Google at its conference tonight, with the Google Lens image search update, added this technology to it as well. He added that we are witnessing an exciting event. If you have used Android phones, most likely you should be familiar with Google Lens. This service, which depends on the phone's camera for various tasks, can perform tasks such as translating, finding information from images related to various items in them, and many other activities.

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But with the addition of MUM to Google Lens Search, users will now be able to individually identify different items within an image and provide information about it. To earn. Of course, according to Google itself, with this feature, shopping becomes easier for users because by cutting the image of a device, they can find similar items on the Internet. This feature will initially be released for iOS, but Google has announced that the best Chromebooks will be available soon.

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According to Google, these features will be added to the search page and Google Lens in the coming months, but unfortunately We do not know the exact time. Although this distance seems to be definitely worth it.

Source: Android Central

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