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Give up the phones and live a little, says the inventor of the phone

BingMag.com <b>Give</b> up the <b>phones</b> and <b>live</b> a <b>little,</b> <b>says</b> the <b>inventor</b> of the phone

Martin Cooper, the inventor of the world's first mobile phone, said in an interview with the BBC Breakfast program that people should cut down on smartphones and live a little.

If you ask teenagers or children who invented the first phone, you might come across strange names like Steve Jobs, because for them, the person who revolutionized the field of smartphones is also its inventor. . However, some of them don't know about this at all and maybe they don't even know Steve Jobs. But Steve Jobs did not do this; He didn't even invent the mp3 player or the computer. He just continued the path that another person started and created a surprise.

Martin Cooper; He is the one who invented the first phone and some even consider his invention to be the best invention in human history. If we think a little, we can see that what Cooper did was really admirable. The phones that are now available to us in a smart way have really made our lives easier and in many cases have even saved many lives from death. But these days or it is better to say these years, many times news, articles, etc. have been published regarding the improper use of these products and users are warned to reduce the use of smartphones a little and reach their real life. .

The truth is that smartphone manufacturing companies try to make users depend on the phone to do everything by adding a series of attractive features to their products. This has caused them to become more attached to these products and to occupy themselves more in the virtual world.> The inventor of the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, Martin Cooper, who invented this product as the world's first phone in 1973, is now 92 years old, and we're glad he's still alive. He appeared on the BBC Breakfast program last week and when the host told him that he spends 5 hours a day on his smartphone, he said; "Really?, 5 hours during the day?! live a little!" He then laughed sadly after hearing that many people spend too much time on their phones.

BingMag.com <b>Give</b> up the <b>phones</b> and <b>live</b> a <b>little,</b> <b>says</b> the <b>inventor</b> of the phone

Martin Cooper, who was the inventor of the phone himself, says that he spends less than 5% of his daily time on smartphones. But as it seems, he is far away from the general public. It was last year that the research institute Statista decided to conduct a survey in the United States and find out how much they use smartphones. As a result of this survey, it was found that 46% of American users spend 5-6 hours of their time on their smartphones, while 11% of them use it even more than 7 hours.

Martin Cooper phone invented with a completely different idea. He wanted everyone to be able to connect with other people wherever they go. According to Cooper, his biggest achievement was making it possible for everyone to have a personal phone number. Therefore, when we look at his ideas and achievements, we see that it is natural for him to have such thoughts. He said that these days you can spend only 5% of your time on your phone and live a very successful life. At least for many businesses that is impossible. However, there are a series of applications that want the user to be completely entertained by the phone and forget the real world. Personally, I agree with such a case, but how can you convince a huge number of users to use their phones only when necessary and see a little of the real world and enjoy the experience of being in it?

Source: PhoneArena

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