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Get acquainted with the top 7 smart cities in the application of new technologies

BingMag.com Get acquainted with the top 7 smart cities in the application of new technologies

These days, smart technologies have become very ubiquitous and popular, from smart homes to smart cities, connected technologies are changing our lives. It seems that today it is no longer possible to imagine a gadget without the possibility of connecting to WiFi, Bluetooth and other ways. But what if we could equip the whole city with these kinds of gadgets?

The advent of smart cities is the next human step in the development of new technologies that will happen on a large scale. Many cities today are moving towards smarter, but a number of major and well-known cities around the world are already using many of the available technologies to better serve their citizens, which is why they can be called the smartest cities in the world. Therefore, in this article, we do not mean the smart city, the image that science-fiction films present, but the use of advanced and intelligent technologies in cities.

1. Hong Kong

BingMag.com Get acquainted with the top 7 smart cities in the application of new technologies

Hong Kong has been in the process of becoming a smart city for several years. . In 2017, the city published its roadmap, according to which it is gradually increasing its smart facilities. The roadmap includes 76 different innovative concepts, including smart mobility, smart living, smart environment, smart people, smart government and smart economy.

These concepts for creating a green city And are defined as connected in which life is enjoyable. One part of this technology-focused outline is "Smart Living," which includes providing free Wi-Fi in public and everywhere so that citizens can more easily use new payment methods, such as smartphone payments via NFC. In addition, the advanced health and support system for the elderly and disabled is another goal of this section.

"Intelligent transportation" is another concept of this section that focuses on the intelligent transportation system Developed and citizens can benefit from a variety of services of this system by using a comprehensive application called KHeMobility.

2. Oslo

BingMag.com Get acquainted with the top 7 smart cities in the application of new technologies

Oslo, although the capital of Norway, is a world-class city. It is not as big as New York or Hong Kong. However, the city is well developing its smart capabilities. One of the most important goals in Oslo is to improve the living standards of its citizens by turning the city into an environmentally friendly city connected to a smart grid.

A key technology used to achieve this goal is The Internet of Things or IoT. Devices or other devices that are equipped with software, sensors, and other technological features that can communicate with other devices by connecting to the Internet are all included in this definition. This technology is a popular option for smart cities, and Oslo is leveraging them in important areas of urban management, such as waste management, transportation, and water management.

Electricity, the development of industries and construction sites without emitting harmful substances are part of them.

3. London

BingMag.com Get acquainted with the top 7 smart cities in the application of new technologies

London is not only the capital of England, but also the busiest city in the country. Therefore, it is natural that it is also the smartest city in the UK. Part of the London smart project is based on a fully fiber-optic network that connects 400km of subway tunnels, 500km of roads and 80,000 pieces of urban furniture.

In addition, The city connection map can show citizens the different parts of London that have the best and worst bandwidth coverage. Continued focus on clean energy, reducing carbon emissions and developing the use of electric vehicles is another part of London's plan to move towards becoming a smart city.


BingMag.com Get acquainted with the top 7 smart cities in the application of new technologies

Over the past few decades, Dubai has developed at a very rapid pace and from an area The desert became one of the top and largest cities in the world. The city is now on the path to becoming smarter at a very high speed. Some smart services are already available in Dubai, including the Nol Smart Card, which allows citizens to pay for public transportation using NFC.

Also, the app city Has developed DubaiNow, which allows citizens to pay for all utility bills, including treatment, education, housing and transportation, effortlessly. Dubai Car Rental Smart Service is another smart gaming service that allows citizens to rent a car using the Udrive and Ekar apps.

Another major Dubai project is the car transport strategy. Under the plan, 25 percent of Dubai's urban transportation will be self-driving by 2030.

5. Amsterdam

BingMag.com Get acquainted with the top 7 smart cities in the application of new technologies

Amsterdam is known for its rich history and culture, but this European city is another one. The smart cities of the world. One of the features of Amsterdam is the open source data of the city in the field of transport, to which anyone can add relevant data at any time. This transportation system works to keep citizens informed of the traffic situation and the entrance and exit to the city.

In addition, Amsterdam (and the Netherlands as a whole) has one of the fastest internet connections in the European Union, which This is why the Amsterdam Smart City Project (ASC) is developing faster and its network of connected technologies is faster.

The ASC project, which started in 2009, includes a long list of different projects. Which focus on the overall development of the city. This list includes cleaning rivers, managing road networks and improving the living standards of citizens. To improve living standards, the city uses an app called Wyzer, which allows citizens to explore informal city routes while discovering "hidden gems" marked in the app as a reward.


BingMag.com Get acquainted with the top 7 smart cities in the application of new technologies

Many know Barcelona for its football team, tourist attractions and unique cuisine, but who Did you think a historic city would become one of the smartest cities in the world? You will be even more surprised to learn that Barcelona was the first European city to use smart technologies at the urban level.

Like Oslo, Barcelona pays special attention to the Internet of Things, especially in management. Waste helps. For example, the city's trash cans are equipped with the Internet of Things and can tell the department how much trash is full at any given time.

Other smart elements of this city can be Street lights, a disaster alert system and smart mailboxes indicated they would be used on a large scale in the city. Also, other technologies will be used in the city with the focus on environmental protection, which monitor air quality, provide shared car services, monitor energy consumption in the home sector and measure the pattern of water consumption.

7. New York

BingMag.com Get acquainted with the top 7 smart cities in the application of new technologies

As you might expect, New York is one of the most famous cities in the world, one It is also one of the smartest of them all. The integration of intelligent lighting system, intelligent water metering system and intelligent waste management system has made this city one of the smartest. For example, a smart bin called BigBelly is equipped with a waste compression system and wireless sensors that measure the amount of waste in each bin.

Also, the city has a special focus on monitoring due to air pollution problems. It has air quality. Of course, there are other environmental initiatives in New York, including the challenge of clean neighborhoods and renewable energy projects that reduce the city's dependence on fossil fuels.

An example is Respect

BingMag.com Get acquainted with the top 7 smart cities in the application of new technologies

Although Singapore is not considered a city, the island is used in terms of technology. It is one of the most advanced places in the world. The country's "Smart Traffic 2020" initiative focuses on providing an intelligent and advanced transportation system. The plan is part of the "Smart Travel" program, which aims to distribute crowds more efficiently during peak travel and depends on the Singapore Railway Network, which encourages citizens to choose the time and manner of their travel more carefully. p>

Singapore has launched a Smart Nation app that allows citizens to use their car service, receive quality and temperature alerts, and report urban problems.

Maybe in the future every city will be smart in its own way

Given that the spread of smart technologies in different parts of the world is inevitable, there is no doubt that more governments will use smart plans to improve the living standards of citizens , Environmental protection and connected service networks will move.

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