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Get acquainted with Android 1.0; Google's operating system turned 13 years old

BingMag.com Get acquainted with Android 1.0; Google's operating system turned 13 years old

13 years ago on September 23, 2008 (October 2, 2008) Android 1.0 next to the HTC G1, which is the first phone based on this operating system It was new, it was officially introduced. At the event, Google representatives spoke about the openness of Android doors and invited developers to develop various applications for this platform.

Android 1.0 and HTC G1 lay the foundation for today's Android . But what was the experience of using the first version of Android like? What features does it use and what important features did it not have? This platform was surprisingly complete and incomplete at the same time. On the occasion of the 13th anniversary of Android, we will focus on the most important features of the first version of the most popular mobile operating system in the world.

Familiar yet different experience

BingMag.com Get acquainted with Android 1.0; Google's operating system turned 13 years old

In the fall of 2008, a large number of mobile operating systems competed with each other. IOS was only one year old at the time, lagging behind BlackBerry and Symbian in terms of popularity and number of users. Among these, we should mention Windows Mobile and PalmOS. Google and the developers of Android chose some of the features of these operating systems, and at the same time used a set of new ideas.

Android 1.0 uses three home screen panels. The center panel was the main home screen with pre-installed apps and widgets. To add apps and widgets, you could swipe left and right, which you can do now on Android. Although some platforms at the time, such as Windows Mobile, had different widgets, they were not as diverse and personalized as Android.

Android 1.0 uses a feature called app drawer, which continues in all versions of Android. Can be seen. To access it, you had to tap a button at the bottom, where you could access the full list of apps. There was no quick settings menu in this version.

BingMag.com Get acquainted with Android 1.0; Google's operating system turned 13 years old

Various tasks had to use the phone's hardware buttons. Meanwhile, G1 users did not have access to the software keyboard and used the hardware keyboard. Although the first version of Android was a full-touch platform, at the time it was only the iPhone that took full advantage of the touchscreen, and phones based on BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows operating systems relied heavily on physical buttons.

Managing notifications was one of the strengths of Android 1.0. The way notifications briefly appeared in the status bar section later affected other mobile operating systems. The Google search bar was in the first version and is still in use. In this version, you were also able to create a pattern to lock the phone, which Android phones still use this feature.

The era of limited applications

BingMag.com Get acquainted with Android 1.0; Google's operating system turned 13 years old

Apple unveiled the App Store a few months before the introduction of Android 1.0, along with the second version of iOS . At the time, centralized app stores were very rare, and users had to go to different environments to install apps. Fortunately, Google followed in Apple's footsteps.

The first Android 1.0 apps were rudimentary but practical. Examples include Gmail, Calendar, Calculator, Google Maps and YouTube. Users had to use Android Market, which is the father of the Play Store, to download and install third-party applications. Android Market had a very simple design and only had a limited number of applications.

BingMag.com Get acquainted with Android 1.0; Google's operating system turned 13 years old

The first The Android version did not use Chrome, and its browser was based on WebKit, which did not use Flash at first. Android 1.0 camera app had nothing to say in terms of user experience. For example, every time you take a photo, a pop-up is displayed and you have to select one of the options to save, share, delete or convert the photo to the phone wallpaper. Also, this application did not support the ability to record video. Although Google Maps was available for platforms such as BlackBerry at the time, it offered more features on Android.

Laying the groundwork for later versions of Android

Despite all the weaknesses and problems, Android proved its strength and power with this very first version. Of course, access to this operating system was not easy at first. For example, American users could only buy the G1 through the telecom operator T-Mobile, and the phone hit the global market in early 2009.

BingMag.com Get acquainted with Android 1.0; Google's operating system turned 13 years old

Android phones were initially marketed in a limited way, but a year after the introduction of Android, the telecom operator Verizon launched the Motorola Droid widely, which played an important role in increasing the popularity of Android phones.

Google was quick to point out new features and troubleshoot various issues from the start. In addition, unlike the iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, and PalmOS operating systems, Android opened its doors, making it very popular with users and developers.

It has been around for a while and is now the most popular mobile operating system, and the final version of Android 12 will be officially released soon.

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Source: Android Authority

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