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The genius helicopter showed off its power again on the 18th flight to Mars

BingMag.com The <b>genius</b> <b>helicopter</b> <b>showed</b> <b>off</b> its <b>power</b> <b>again</b> on the <b>18th</b> <b>flight</b> to Mars

While at the end of the previous flight, the genius helicopter was disconnected from the ground, but this small probe was operational again and with the 18th flight, health and Demonstrated its power.

The Ingenuity Mars helicopter is still advancing on Mars. Although it has sometimes been challenging, it has passed them well and still amazes the experts and the mission team. Dilute Mars to the planet. The genius arrived on Mars in February 2021 with the astronaut "Perseverance" and was left alone on the surface a few months later.

Enter the operation display phase. At this point, the goal is to enable the helicopter to act as a scout and assistant for the persistent rover, which is said to be well-rounded genius.

In recent flights, the genius has tried to explore the area expected to explore perseverance. Slowly This way, by taking aerial photos, the perseverance mission team can choose the best routes to explore as well as avoid difficult levels.

  • Close-up video of the helicopter flight genius demonstrates its complete mastery of the dilute atmosphere of Mars. The helicopter was able to fly 230 meters on the Red Planet in 124.3 seconds. In this flight, the speed of the helicopter reached 2.5 meters per second and peaked at a height of 10 meters.

    To be given to the perseverance mission team. The route of the helicopter was from Airfield K to Airfield L in the flight plan. Keep it operational.

    Cover Photo: Shadow of a genius helicopter on the 18th flight to Mars
    Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Source: NASA

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