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The genius helicopter flew to Mars for the 21st time

NASA's genius helicopter successfully flies its 21st flight to Mars and is now preparing for a second scientific campaign with a persistent astronaut. helicopter has just flown another flight to Mars. He wrote: "The genius helicopter can not be stopped! The genius successfully made its twenty-first flight to the Red Planet. The small aircraft flew 370 meters at a speed of 3.85 meters per second and remained in the planet's thin atmosphere for 129.2 seconds. " Perseverance) landed on the bottom of the Jezero crater on Mars. An area that hosted a lake and river delta billions of years ago.

This solar-powered helicopter was originally designed for a technology demonstration mission to show in five flights whether the atmosphere was thin. The planet, which has only 1 percent the density of Earth's atmosphere, is air exploration on Mars possible or not? At this point, the small aircraft transcends the boundaries of flight on the Red Planet and acts as a scout for the persistent astronaut, whose main tasks include searching for signs of Martian life and collecting dozens of specimens to bring to Earth in the future.

Now that genius is once again approaching perseverance, it is now possible to film its flights. The perseverance team is keen to start studying the delta closely, as the deltas here on Earth retain carbon-rich organic chemicals and the signs of life themselves. He stayed in the sky for 8 minutes and covered 4.65 kilometers. This is even more than what perseverance has done, and the Mars rover's odometer now stands at 4.39 km. NASA/JPL-Caltech

Source: Space

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