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Genesis topped the 2021 auto technology rankings

BingMag.com Genesis topped the 2021 auto technology rankings

With the release of the US Automotive Technology Classification 2021 by the GD Institute. Power, Genesis came in first.

JD Power, known for its prestigious rankings in the automotive world, researches the initial quality of new cars and the level of technological innovation in the automotive industry with two important annual rankings. It was reported that "Ram" won first place and "Chrysler" finished last. The institute's second ranking has now been published, which compares new cars in terms of technology and has interesting results.

Power Many modern technologies in car safety and assistance, such as rear view cameras and ground-view cameras, make sense, but there are certain features in new cars that only make them more expensive and do not help the car experience.>

On average, this study shows that for more than 33% of the advanced technologies in the car, less than half of the owners have used it in the first 90 days. Among the least used features are in-car digital store technology and driver/passenger communication technology. "" Price New cars are at their highest, which is partly due to the increased level of content offered. "If the owners use the features of the car for the money they pay, it is good, but it seems that some of the features are a waste of money for many owners."

BingMag.com Genesis topped the 2021 auto technology rankings

2021 Automotive Technology Ranking
Credit: JD Power

Technology Experience Index (TXI) Study by J.D. Power ranks the Genesis with 634 points as the highest overall ranking among automakers as well as the top luxury automaker. The South Korean brand has 634 points, followed by Cadillac with 551 points, Volvo with 550 points, Beamo with 545 points and Mercedes-Benz with 523 points. Meanwhile, Hyundai with 519 points is the most advanced manufacturer in the mass market, followed by Kia with 510 points, Nissan with 502 points, Subaru with 499 points and General Motors with 498 points. It is important to note that Tesla actually ranks higher in the technology sector with 668 points than all other automakers, but this electric vehicle maker is not officially ranked in this study because it does not include ranking criteria.

This study Analyzes automotive technology in one of four categories: automated technology, energy and sustainability, entertainment, and communication. Based on the technology presented and the way the features are implemented, each brand is awarded a point, and the total industry average score in 2021 is 478 out of 1,000. Power has been made among 110,827 owners of new 2021 cars and after 90 days of use from February to July this year.

Cover photo: Genesis GV70 2022
Credit: Genesis p>

Source: Motor1 , Cars

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