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Gaming keyboard versus regular keyboard; What is the difference?

Gamers usually use special keyboards called Gaming keyboards. But What exactly are the differences between these types of keyboards and regular keyboards? The following are the similarities and differences between the two models.

What is a Gaming keyboard?

A Gaming keyboard is a solid and durable keyboard that is Made specifically for computer games. Almost all Gaming keyboards use RGB lights, and high-quality models are equipped with mechanical keys that provide a more engaging typing experience. You do not need to put a lot of pressure to type with these keys, and this will increase the typing speed.

We should also mention the existence of macro keys, which by pressing them, a set of tasks is done. In the following, we will discuss the features of this type of keyboard in detail.


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Almost all Gaming keyboards are more expensive than regular keyboards. The price of a regular, high-quality Gaming keyboard starts at $ 50, and the flagship models go over $ 200. However, if you are not a gamer and just want a good keyboard, you can buy the right keyboards for about $ 20 to $ 30.

Some expensive models also use proprietary software to customize things like lighting. RGB offers a lot of possibilities for changing the function of buttons, specifying macros, creating profiles and more.

Typing experience

As we said, most Gaming keyboards are mechanical, and they provide a fun typing experience. The keys are lightweight and often travel a short distance to type. Therefore, you do not need to press the keys all the way down to type.

BingMag.com <b>Gaming</b> <b>keyboard</b> <b>versus</b> <b>regular</b> <b>keyboard;</b> <b>What</b> is the difference?

Depending on the type of switches, Each press on the key creates a satisfying sound. Of course, some users believe that such keyboards make a lot of noise and that there are ways to reduce their noise. Although membrane Gaming keyboards are also available on the market, they do not offer much experience compared to mechanical keyboards. do. Of course, for users who are accustomed to these types of keyboards, they have no problem using them. On the other hand, you have to press these keys to the end, which can be problematic if you spend many hours typing on the keyboard. Gamers are very important. One of the advantages of a low-noise membrane keyboard is that it is a very important feature for some users.

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NKRO feature Both regular and Gaming keyboards feature NKRO get benifits. Thanks to this feature, you can press several keys simultaneously to perform specific tasks. On regular keyboards, you can only press a small number of keys at the same time, but Gaming keyboards handle each keystroke independently, so there is no limit to the number of simultaneous keystrokes.

BingMag.com <b>Gaming</b> <b>keyboard</b> <b>versus</b> <b>regular</b> <b>keyboard;</b> <b>What</b> is the difference?

Ordinary users end up pressing three keys at the same time, but some gamers press multiple keys for different tasks, so this feature is important to them. There are many.

Macro keys (programmable)

Macro keys are actually programmable keys that can execute complex commands. These commands can be simply mute the speaker or run a specific program, or by pressing a key, several things you want to do in a row.

BingMag.com <b>Gaming</b> <b>keyboard</b> <b>versus</b> <b>regular</b> <b>keyboard;</b> <b>What</b> is the difference?

Gamers typically use these macro keys in games. For example, suppose you are playing a game and you have to perform several keys to execute a spell, using this feature, it is enough to assign one of the keys to do so. That's why you no longer need to change the settings for regular keys.

Normal keyboards generally do not have this feature, but there are programs like AutoHotKey that can serve as part of the free alternative. Of course, to take advantage of all the features of these programs, you must know some programming.


BingMag.com <b>Gaming</b> <b>keyboard</b> <b>versus</b> <b>regular</b> <b>keyboard;</b> <b>What</b> is the difference?

If you're tired of messing with keyboards that break down so quickly, then it's best to buy a Gaming keyboard. Gaming keyboards are generally durable because gamers usually use them for many hours during the day.

If the quality and durability of the Gaming keyboard is very important to you, we recommend it from well-known brands such as Razer and Logitech. Select. Although many brands make Gaming keyboards these days, we can not say for sure about the quality of these products.

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