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Gaming headsets versus regular headsets; What is the difference?

BingMag.com <b>Gaming</b> <b>headsets</b> <b>versus</b> <b>regular</b> <b>headsets;</b> <b>What</b> is the difference?

Gaming headsets are not always more expensive than regular headsets. In fact, regular headsets may be better for you. In this article, we will discuss the differences between these headsets so that you can make a better decision in this regard.

What is a Gaming headset?

Gaming headsets allow gamers To immerse themselves in the world of games and easily talk to their friends and teammates. These types of headsets are considered to be a type of phone and also use a quality microphone. In appearance, most of them use bulky bodies and RGB lighting.

BingMag.com <b>Gaming</b> <b>headsets</b> <b>versus</b> <b>regular</b> <b>headsets;</b> <b>What</b> is the difference?

One of the key features of the headsets Gaming is that they provide real surround sound, so you can identify the source of the sounds very carefully while playing. Although these types of headphones can eliminate ambient noise to a great extent, they do not have the same performance as headphones based on noise canceling technology.


Gaming headsets are cheaper than regular headsets. For example, you can also find low-end models of $ 15 Gaming headsets that are naturally not of good quality. Although these types of headsets may be attractive in appearance, they do not have much to say in terms of build quality and body. In general, good quality Gaming headsets cost about $ 50, and flagships sell for about $ 150.

BingMag.com <b>Gaming</b> <b>headsets</b> <b>versus</b> <b>regular</b> <b>headsets;</b> <b>What</b> is the difference?

According to studies, the sound quality of regular headsets, for example, is $ 30 better than Gaming headsets with the same price. Because Gaming headsets take advantage of a variety of features, sound quality is not always always a priority.

True surround sound

One of the most important advantages of a quality Gaming headset is That is What they bring with them. Thanks to this feature, in games you can recognize the exact position of the sound, which is very important in competitive games. Gaming headsets place multiple speakers on both headphones at different angles to provide this feature. Usually all flagship Gaming headsets support 7.1 channel audio. These types of headsets use 7 speakers in each phone to cover 7 channels well.

BingMag.com <b>Gaming</b> <b>headsets</b> <b>versus</b> <b>regular</b> <b>headsets;</b> <b>What</b> is the difference?

Ordinary headsets, on the other hand, use only one speaker in each handset. This means that when playing games, they can not provide the same accuracy as Gaming headsets. If you want to know where people are and where the sounds are coming from for games, you can take advantage of this with a Gaming headset.

However, if you only use the headset for things like listening to music, Ordinary headsets can meet your needs very well. Of course, if you are looking for better sound quality, you can buy better samples for a higher price.

If surround sound capability is important to you but you do not want to spend a lot on a Gaming headset, you can have headphones Buy virtual surround sound capability. Although these types of headsets have only two speakers, they can simulate the surround sound capability to some extent. cancellation) is simply the ability to remove ambient noise. With this feature, you will no longer hear the sound of things like car horns and dogs barking. You can use this feature to increase your focus so that the noise of the environment does not distract you too much.

Both Gaming headsets and regular headsets can reduce the ambient sound. However, if this feature is very important to you, you should look into buying headphones with active noise canceling or ANC capability. Although some Gaming headsets have a lot to say in this regard, but in any case, this feature is not a priority for the manufacturer. Most gamers play in a quiet event, so it does not matter to them to remove the ambient sound. For this type of headset, features such as sound and microphone quality, personalization of RGB lighting and convenience for long-term use are more important.

Microphone quality

BingMag.com <b>Gaming</b> <b>headsets</b> <b>versus</b> <b>regular</b> <b>headsets;</b> <b>What</b> is the difference?

Microphone quality is very important for gamers. Gamers are usually interested in online games, and in these games you usually have to talk to your teammates regularly. Gaming headset microphones are usually able to deliver better sound by reducing ambient noise.

Meanwhile, many regular headphones do not use quality microphones, and some even have no microphones at all. So if you want a microphone To use quality, you need to buy an external microphone.


Durability of the headset body naturally depends on the quality of construction, how it is used and how it is cared for. A $ 15 headset isn't going to last long, but if you buy headsets from well-known companies like Sony, Razer, and Bose, you can use them for years. Ordinary $ 20-30 headsets are usually better than headphones. Gaming is in the same price range. So What should you expect from the durability of a headset should be commensurate with its price.

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