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The Galaxy Watch 5 may be equipped with a thermometer sensor

BingMag.com The <b>Galaxy</b> <b>Watch</b> 5 <b>may</b> be <b>equipped</b> with a <b>thermometer</b> sensor

According to information published by the ETNews website, it seems that Samsung intends to equip its next smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 5, with a very functional thermometer sensor./p>

Samsung is currently one of the best companies in the field of wearable gadgets. Especially since he partnered with Google to build new models so that he could use Google's proprietary and much better operating system, Wear OS, instead of Tizen. As a result, the Galaxy Watch 4 series is now more viable and more worth buying than Tizen models. Has authority. This means that no other company will be allowed to use Wear OS during this one year. But it seems that the Korean company should use the same operating system for the fifth generation of its smartwatches. Of course, not much news has been published about this issue, but what we know about the Galaxy Watch 5 series is the possibility of equipping them with a very useful thermometer sensor. A sensor that allows them to measure a user's body temperature.

According to what we know about Samsung's next-generation smartwatches, the Korean company seems to have developed an interesting technology that allows it to measure body temperature without Measure under the influence of external factors such as direct sunlight or rising temperatures due to excessive exercise. A very interesting technology that has a tremendous impact on the accuracy of this sensor. In addition, it is vital that users have a gadget that they can notify immediately if their body temperature rises so that they can begin the prevention process very soon, or go there if they are not at home. To be able to take better care of themselves. This new sensor will also help users not only to detect coronary symptoms but also to detect the menstrual cycle.

As it turns out, if everything goes according to Samsung's plans, as always In August of this year (summer) we should see the unveiling of the Galaxy Watch 5. We do not know how many smartwatches the Korean company has put on the agenda for this year, but whatever it is, we are sure that the company does not want to deviate from the path it started with power so soon. Samsung also unveiled the Galaxy Watch 4 series at an event in August last year. So if there is no particular problem, we will see the same thing this year.

Aside from the smartwatch discussion, some news agencies have reported that Samsung wants to introduce a body temperature sensor even to the next generation Galaxy windshield wipers. Add yourself later. Samsung is likely to use this feature in the new Bads because it is said to be working on an interesting technology that can measure the infrared wavelength emitted from the eardrum and thus detect body temperature.

sensor in its smartwatches. The main reason for this is the lack of technology, which does not allow environmental factors to affect the measurement of body temperature. Samsung, which seems to have found a solution, now has to see what Apple does.

In 2020, the smartwatch market grew by 50% and in 2021 by 20% over the previous year. As a result, Samsung decided to focus more on this segment in order to grow in this segment. The company hopes to have double-digit growth in 2022. It remains to be seen whether this will happen with the addition of this new feature and other new and useful features.

Source: AndoridAuthority , SamMobile

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