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The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra may have a 14.6-inch display with 3K resolution

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra appears to be a 14.6-inch display, according to a recent report from Ice Universe. The OLED version will have 3K resolution.

The Galaxy Tab S8 series tablets will most likely be unveiled and launched early next year. Information about these products is limited, and for the past few months we have only heard a handful of rumors and news about it. There is a lot of rumor about these tablets, such as what has just been published; The most powerful model in the series, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, will have a 14.6-inch OLED display with 3K resolution.

Create between your products. From naming to design and user interface, many of the different products of these companies now have a special and interesting harmony. For example, the design language of the smartwatch is derived from the company's flagship handsets, or its name is inspired by the name that the company chose for its other product.

We mentioned this because Samsung is one of them. It is from the same companies. The company's tablets were usually available in both standard and plus models, and a cost-effective model was available shortly afterwards. For the Galaxy Note and S10 series, Samsung launched its affordable flagship with the Light extension, and as a result, the affordable S6 tablet series launched the affordable model with the same extension. The following year, Samsung named its flagship affordable model the Fan Edition, and we saw the Galaxy Tab S7 Fan Edition.

In addition, the number of flagship tablets in the flagship series is set to be similar to the Galaxy S series. As mentioned, the Korean company often launches two flagship tablets in the standard and plus models each year, but apparently plans to add the Ultra model for the next generation. This model is expected to be the best tablet in the series, which seems to compete with Apple's iPad Pro.

BingMag.com The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra may have a 14.6-inch display with 3K resolution

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is currently seen in news agencies with the model number SM-X906B and is said to have a 14.6-inch display with OLED panel, 120Hz image refresh rate and 3K resolution (Equivalent to 1848 2960). The news was published by a Chinese source, but was later confirmed by the famous whistleblower, Ice Universe, who repeated the same words on his Twitter account.

The S8 Ultra also mentioned, but what he announced is slightly different from the published report. In the image above, in front of the battery and charger specifications, we see 12,000 mAh and 45 watts, but Ice Universe claimed that this tablet uses a 11500 mAh battery, which of course is not much different. In terms of charger speed, the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the S8 Ultra Tab are in a similar situation.

According to information previously released by Ice Universe about this tablet. We should expect the Snapdragon 898 processor to replace the Exynos 2200 as the beating heart of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. Of course, this is natural because last year the company's tablet was not equipped with the Exynos chip.

There is news about the two standard and plus models, the most important of which is the screen size of the two products. According to recent news, the standard model is apparently 11 inches and has an LCD panel, while the Plus model will use a 12.4-inch OLED display. On the plus side, it's said that all of these tablets support 120Hz refresh rate. Also, for all three tablets, a 45-watt charger will be used to differentiate them, screen size, battery capacity, price and possibly design.

It is not clear at this time when these tablets will be unveiled. But based on what has been published and also based on the information we have, we can predict that the launch event of the Galaxy S22 is the most probable date that can be considered for the unveiling of these three tablets. However, we have to wait and see what more news will be published in the coming days or weeks.

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