The Galaxy S23 Ultra may have a flat screen

According to the news that has just been published, apparently Samsung wants to use a flat screen for the Galaxy S23 Ultra phone. The Galaxy S23 Ultra may have a flat screen

According to the news that has just been published, apparently Samsung wants to use a flat screen for the Galaxy S23 Ultra phone.

During In the last few days, a lot of news has been published about the Galaxy S23 Ultra phone, most of them referring to the design of this product. Of course, it seems that we shouldn't expect a different and new product because apparently Samsung doesn't want to make significant changes to this expected phone in terms of appearance, especially in the way the cameras are arranged on the back panel compared to the current generation.

But news has recently been published that if it is true, it can be said that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be different from the S22 Ultra in one aspect. According to the SamMobile website, apparently Samsung will use either a flat screen or a screen with less curvature on the sides for the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

According to one of the most famous technology leakers, Ice Universe, the Galaxy S23 Ultra despite There will be no change in the arrangement of the cameras on the back panel, but it will be equipped with thicker frames. This means that the phone's display may be flat or less curved.

So far, this is the only news that has pointed to a difference between the two generations. Of course, the fact that these two phones are supposed to be similar is not necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps, not focusing on making a product with a new design will ultimately make Samsung have more time to improve the user experience in interacting with other parts of the device. According to the rumors surrounding this product, apparently Samsung's plan is exactly the same and wants to make the Galaxy S23 Ultra a more efficient product in terms of camera and pen.

Galaxy S22 Ultra as a The powerful product should act as the flagship of the S series and the Note series, and it has done this well so far. As the first product of the S series that uses a pen by default, this phone has become Samsung's best-selling phone in the US market.

But the Galaxy S23 Ultra is going to greatly improve the experience of working with a pen. . Apparently, Samsung has come to the conclusion that using a pen on a curved screen might not be an interesting idea, so it decided to make a change in this situation so that fans of Note series phones can have a better experience of working with it. However, until now, all Samsung premium phones, including the Note series, have curved screens. Of course, one of the reasons why Samsung designed the frame of the device to be thicker may be because of the installation of a 200-megapixel camera, which is naturally larger than the 108-megapixel model and requires more space.

Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus will remain unchanged

Although a series of small changes are going to be applied to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, but according to current news, it is unlikely that the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus will have any special changes in terms of appearance and technical specifications compared to before. to be This means that both products will still have the same flat screen, metal frame, same size, battery, display, cameras and module compared to the S22 series.

It should be noted that all three models of Samsung flagships The Snapdragon 8 generation 2 chip will be equipped, which should be considered the biggest change in terms of technical specifications.

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