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Galaxy S23 password revealed; There is no news about the third clamshell phone

BingMag.com <b>Galaxy</b> <b>S23</b> <b>password</b> <b>revealed;</b> <b>There</b> is no <b>news</b> <b>about</b> the <b>third</b> <b>clamshell</b> phone

With the revelation of the Galaxy S23 code name, it seems that There is no more news about the third clamshell phone and this year we will see the release of two clamshell phones. <//>

If you've been following the news about Samsung's expected products, you probably know that the Korean company is probably planning to unveil three phones with innovative designs. The two phones that will replace the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, the third phone is also supposed to be a rolling product.

This news thrilled users and fans of Samsung products because the company has not yet officially succeeded. Unveil a rolling phone. Now that the Galaxy Note series is no more, and the Galaxy S22 series phones have become commonplace for users, it is natural that all attention should be focused on the clamshell phones. Samsung itself will have enough space to unveil these phones, so we were almost certain that the rolling phone would be part of the company's plans for this year.

In the second half of this year, we should see the unveiling of them or at least one model of them. But the interesting thing is that in a situation that only a month has passed since the launch of the Galaxy S22 series, we are witnessing the release of news about the Galaxy S23. Of course, the first news about this phone is not very good news for those who are interested in attractive technologies.

You should not be surprised that information about the Galaxy S23 series has been revealed. If you remember, after Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 20 series, it was rumored that There would be no more news about the Note series, and finally this is what happened. These days, users should be surprised if news arrives late. But let's talk about the rumors that have been spread about the Galaxy S23 series and the possibility of its ultra model.

Samsung has apparently chosen the name "Diamond" for the Galaxy S23 construction project. Although metal diamonds are very durable and can last in harsh conditions, and smartphones are not, naming a project to make a phone like this can be promising. Or at least we hope so. Because in the last few years, the code name has not necessarily meant good things.

Samsung always tries to use strange letters to attract the attention of the audience. But in the end, we see that the product has nothing to do with the name it was chosen for. However, we hope that next year the situation will be closed. For example, you can see the name of the Samsung phone project for the last few years:

  • Galaxy S22 series: Rainbow project
  • Galaxy S21 series: Unbound project
  • Galaxy S20 Series: Hubble Project
  • Galaxy S10 Series: Transcendental Project
  • Galaxy S9 Series: Star Project
  • Galaxy S8 Series: Dream Project
  • Galaxy S7 Series: Lucky Project

As you can see, we do not expect the Galaxy S23 series to use diamonds or anything weird like that. But Samsung may want to use new combinations to make these handsets that will be more resistant to water, dust, pressure, and more.

But what's the bad news?


BingMag.com <b>Galaxy</b> <b>S23</b> <b>password</b> <b>revealed;</b> <b>There</b> is no <b>news</b> <b>about</b> the <b>third</b> <b>clamshell</b> phone

As mentioned, yesterday we saw the news that Samsung is planning to make a roller coaster of diamonds. has done. But now we understand that this code name is intended for the Galaxy S23 series, so we realize that this is not the news of the third innovative phone. Of course, Samsung may want to unveil a third phone with an innovative design such as folding or rolling, but the code name will not be diamond. So we should not be too excited right now.

Of course, since There is still time until 2023 for the unveiling of the Galaxy S23 series, we suggest focusing all our energy and focus on the company's expected clamshell phones, the ZFold 4 and Leave the Z Flip 3 because it will definitely be unveiled this year and in the next few months, with attractive features like the S-Pen (for the Z Fold model), more resistance, newer and more powerful processor and camera, and many other good things. p>

Source: PhoneArena

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