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The Galaxy S22 will likely be unveiled in January 2022 at a similar price to the S21 series

BingMag.com The Galaxy S22 will likely be unveiled in January 2022 at a similar price to the S21 series

According to the Korean news site The Elec, it seems that Samsung is preparing to produce the Galaxy S22 series, which means design and technical specifications. This phone will be in the headlines in the coming months. But the news released today is about the launch date and price of the Galaxy S22, which we will discuss in detail below.

The Galaxy S22 will be Samsung's next flagship, which we expect to be unveiled early next year. Be the way to the market. These flagships are in fact the successor to the current Galaxy S21 series, with the difference that the Ultra model seems to be a combination of the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S, as it is said to be from the S-Pen and even unlike the S21 Ultra model from its internal position. The phone is used to hold the stylus.

Interestingly, until recently, we did not know that the name that Samsung gives to this product is Galaxy S22 Ultra or Note 22 Ultra, because as mentioned, this phone was supposed to be completely similar. To the Galaxy Note. However, it seems unlikely that such a name will be officially considered for the future Galaxy. Because the whole purpose of Samsung is to forget this name and replace it with the Galaxy S series and clamshell phones.

In the images related to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, we also see two designs; In one of them we see a P-shaped module on the back panel, but in the other design, the camera module is seen in the form of two vertical lines, which we still do not know which of the final design of the galaxy expected by the right Korean company will come true. Came.

BingMag.com The Galaxy S22 will likely be unveiled in January 2022 at a similar price to the S21 series BingMag.com The Galaxy S22 will likely be unveiled in January 2022 at a similar price to the S21 series

but in relation to two The main issue is the launch date and price of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is mainly related to this news. We have to say that it seems that Samsung is still planning to unveil this phone in January; That is the first month of next year. January was the month in which Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S21 series. It 1 inch. 20% will be allocated to the Galaxy S22 and finally 20 to 30% to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. This means that at best, the Galaxy S22 Plus will have the lowest share in terms of production, while this phone should be a middle ground between price and functionality and have a lot of fans.

But it seems. When it comes to Samsung flagships, the situation is a bit different because the Galaxy S22 Plus has no special advantages over the Plus model other than the larger display, and on the other hand, the Ultra model can be purchased at a slightly higher cost. It is the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which also supports the S-Pen, and there is space for it to be installed, and as a result, it will have a much higher purchase value than the Plus model.

Galaxy battery capacity S22/Plus and Ultra

There has not been much news about the Galaxy S22 series yet, but there are rumors that, although not confirmed, we have heard from famous whistleblowers. For example, the battery capacity of the Galaxy S22 was one of the hot news we heard about a while ago. However, the hot news does not mean that we should expect good news at all, as it is said that the battery capacity of the standard model from Samsung's flagships is expected to be 3800 mAh; That means 200 mAh less than the Galaxy S21, which currently does not have very good performance in charge maintenance.

For the Plus and Ultra models, 4500 and 5000 mAh batteries will be used, respectively. Ultra model, in the other two models we see a decrease in battery capacity. For the Ultra model itself, the same battery will be used that we saw in phones such as the Galaxy S20 Ultra and S21 Ultra. So there is no significant improvement in terms of battery life in any of Samsung's expected flagships. However, it is said that in terms of charging speed, the situation will improve slightly compared to what we see now.

Of course, one of the main reasons for the decrease in battery capacity in future models is that Samsung wants to keep the screen size constant. Reduce the overall size of the phone, and this means reducing the margins as much as possible, which is good news, but also means smaller interior space and reduced battery capacity.

Another news about the Galaxy S22 series battery The fact is that Samsung will not have the task of building it, and this is to be left to the Chinese company Amperex Technology Limited. The company is now known as one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world. Interestingly, both Samsung and Amperex Technology Limited were involved in the production of the Galaxy Note 7 battery, but The company then took on the task of producing batteries for the Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy A series, Galaxy Watch and even Galaxy Buds, and we did not see any particular problems in terms of batteries in these products.

The company uses its flagship battery suppliers because the batteries produced by Amperex Technology Limited are less expensive than the models produced by Samsung, and therefore the cost of making each phone is lower for the Korean company. The main reason that the price of the Galaxy S21 series phones decreased compared to before was the cooperation with Amperex Technology Limited and the use of the company's batteries. So it seems we should expect that in addition to the unveiling date, the price of the Galaxy S22 series will be similar to the Galaxy S21.

They are the speed of the charger, and if Samsung wants to fight these companies with the same 25 or 45 watt charger, which in fact is not much different, it will definitely fail miserably. It remains to be seen what the Korean company's decisions will be about its future flagships.

Source: PhoneArena

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