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The Galaxy S22 Ultra will look similar to the LG Velvet

BingMag.com The Galaxy S22 Ultra will look similar to the LG Velvet

It looks like Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy S22 Ultra with a design similar to the LG Velvet. Of course, this similarity only exists in the rear panel cameras.

New News: A tech whistleblower named Steve H. McFly believes that the image that Ice Universe shared on Twitter It will most likely be the same design that Samsung is using to design the Galaxy S22 Ultra. With regard to the location of the flash, it is said that Samsung wants to consider the top-right hole for the installation of laser autofocus laser sensor and LED flash so as not to have to disrupt the order of this new module. What Honor did in the design of the Honor 50.

The main news is as follows

Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy S22 Ultra in early 2022 Slow market. We are sure about this, but the only thing that has not been officially confirmed yet is the design of the back panel of this phone, from which various images have been published so far. In fact, many news agencies agree on two images, and there is a very slight difference between the two. The first image shows the P-shaped back module in which the cameras are located. The second image shows the two vertical lines separately.

It is not clear which of these two designs will be considered for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but according to the latest information released in this regard. It is said that this product will have a design similar to the LG Velvet. The product was supposed to be one of the most special LG phones on the market, which unfortunately did not happen with the official exit of LG from the smartphone market.

BingMag.com The Galaxy S22 Ultra will look similar to the LG Velvet

But although this famous Korean company has left the phone market, it is still not forgotten because of the innovations and good capabilities it introduced. If you remember, the ultra-wide camera was one of the innovations of this company. Touch screens and multi-core processors can also be mentioned as other things that we first knew about LG and are now used in other phones. But that's not all, as it looks like Samsung is set to follow the design of one of LG's products in terms of the design of the back panel in the design of its flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra.

A tweet from one of the most famous technology revealers, Ice Universe, shows that this news is true. The whistleblower shared a picture of the back cover of the Galaxy S22 Ultra with users, showing that the Korean company actually modeled on the LG Velvet in its design. However, the revealer wrote in the description of this image that this image can not be the final image of the back cover of the Galaxy S22 Ultra because there is no place to embed a flash in it. What we see are three large spaces for the main camera, ultra-wide and telephoto, and the other two are probably for the laser autofocus sensor and the other telephoto camera.

BingMag.com The Galaxy S22 Ultra will look similar to the LG Velvet

Of course, the Galaxy S22 Ultra in this case will not be the first Samsung phone with this design. We have already seen that other phones of this company, such as the Galaxy A32, which was launched in February of this month, benefited from this design. Of course, the protrusion of the Galaxy S22 Ultra cameras seems to be much larger and the size of the holes in each camera is larger because larger sensors are to be used inside it.

According to current news and rumors, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is supposed to be used. Equipped with a 108-megapixel main camera, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera, and two 12- and 10-megapixel telephoto cameras with 3 and 10x optical zoom. Also, an autofocus laser sensor and LED flash will be used in this product, so that this phone, like the Galaxy S21 Ultra with 4 cameras, will enter the market.

Other information about this product has not been published yet, but It is said that the display of this phone will be 6.8 inches of LTPO OLED type with 120 Hz variable refresh rate. It also looks like the aspect ratio on the screen will now be wider and the margins will be noticeably reduced. The size of the selfie camera sensor will not change much from before and is the same as 40 megapixels, but from what we have heard, apparently the hole provided for it on the screen is smaller than what is currently seen in the company's flagship phones. Unlike the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which supported the S-Pen but did not have a stylus slot, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, like the Note series phones, seems to have space inside the stylus. This way, users will no longer have to pay more to buy a pen and then a protective case to maintain it. This move by Samsung may make many more users want to buy the Ultra model. Especially since this makes the users and fans of the Galaxy Note series phones not to be disturbed by the production of this series. This is something we did not see with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and many were dissatisfied with its capabilities.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra, however, will not change in terms of battery capacity compared to the current generation and the previous generation. This means that a 5,000 mAh battery inside it acts as a power supply, which, of course, performed really well and satisfactorily in the two generations we saw. We will see AMD and Snapdragon 898 graphics chips with 4-nanometer lithography, which are said to have extremely high processing power and can help the Galaxy S22 Ultra as one of the best and most powerful flagship phones of 2022.

Source: PhoneArena

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