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The Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a unique camera and display

BingMag.com The Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a unique camera and display

According to reports, the Galaxy S22 Ultra looks like a unique phone in terms of camera and display quality.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to have a lot of potential as Samsung's most powerful flagship next year. But having a lot of features is not the whole story, but a flagship phone should have the best features as well. As it turns out, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of those flagships that is set to hit the market with a number of special and functional features.

A feature is not necessarily innovative. Rather, it shows Samsung's significant progress in areas such as the camera and display. Apart from the foldable display phones, we have not seen any special innovations from smartphone manufacturers for several years, and only the same features are used with a slight improvement compared to the previous year.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is not going to be an innovation either. Have a special; But it is said that in terms of camera and display, we will see a significant improvement compared to before, and we may even see a new record set by Samsung in this field. So far, there has been a lot of news about this phone and two standard and plus models, but this news, which we received according to the TechManiacs website, provided us with information that we did not know much about before.

Specifications of the Galaxy S22 Ultra; Brightness record-breaking

The Galaxy S21 Ultra, with a maximum brightness of 1,500 nits, was one of the most powerful and best phones on the market last year. The display of this product was at the top for a long time as the best display used in a smartphone, until after that, many phones entered the market and were able to take over this title, but not by much difference, but completely imperceptibly.

Charging speed of the Galaxy S22 Ultra; 30 minutes?

According to many news outlets, the charger speed, which will not even fit inside the Galaxy S22 Ultra box, is 45 watts. But the interesting thing about this is that it is said that the time required to charge the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be only 30 minutes. But 65- and 120-watt chargers made by Chinese companies can charge phone batteries in the same amount of time; So the question is, either the charger is not of good quality or the Samsung charger is not going to be 45 watts. It was fully charged in one hour and 10 minutes. When Samsung announces that its much-anticipated Galaxy S22 Ultra will support a 45-watt charger, it could be thought that it may take less time to charge the Korean company's new flagship 5000 mAh battery from 0 to 100%. . Not so noticeable as to say 30 minutes, not so ineffective as to say 1 hour.

As it turns out, the time it takes to charge the Galaxy S22 Ultra should be less than 1 hour. Low charging speeds were usually the biggest weakness of Apple and Samsung flagships compared to Android flagships, and removing the charger from the box made things worse. But if Samsung has really been able to reduce the time required to charge its powerful phone to less than 1 hour, it will definitely be able to turn the page.

Specifications of the Galaxy S22 Ultra; New sensor, new lens, new anti-shake

In the camera section, the performance of Samsung's flagships has usually been good. This means that since the introduction of the company's first flagship until now, we have always witnessed the progress and improvement of the photography and filming process, and the company's products have always been among the best. But in recent years, this progress has been very subtle. In a way that we can not necessarily call it a revolutionary or innovative development. Be. It seems that the type of sensor used this time will be better and bigger so that it can absorb more light and capture images in more detail.

Also in the field of optical image stabilization The performance of the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be better. It looks like, compared to the previous generation, this time Samsung Galaxy can, thanks to the good technology it contains, neutralize up to 48% more unwanted vibrations, which is an extraordinary statistic and alone can be a factor in dramatically improving image quality.

Of course, it's unclear whether the new technology that Samsung will use in its new handset is the same technology that Apple has named the Shift Sensor Stabilizer used in the iPhone 13 series, or whether we should see a whole new technique. Let's be. But what we do know is that Samsung is definitely trying to produce a flagship that can be close to the stunning performance of iPhones in terms of video quality.

Camera, charging speed and design of the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus

But from the Ultra model, which will be Samsung's most powerful flagship, we come to the other two models, the Standard and the Plus, which are often no different from each other except in size and build quality. But this time it seems that the difference between the two phones will be drawn to the charger quickly. While in the current generation both models support a 25-watt charger, the Galaxy S22 Plus comes with a 45-watt charger. That is, in fact, the same charger that will be considered for the Ultra model, and now there is an adapter on the market. The Galaxy S22, however, will most likely come with support for a 25-watt charger to make the difference between the two models a little clearer. 898 are used as a beating heart. It should be noted that apparently some American telecommunications companies, such as Verizon, have ordered Samsung to send them the Exynos 2200 model. The processor is said to be produced in collaboration with AMD and its graphics processor, as well as with support for good features such as light beam tracking, and the benchmarks show its very high power.

Regarding the placement of the cameras There are also reports on the back panel of the Galaxy S22 Plus, according to which we have to say that apparently, instead of the module, this time the lenses will be installed separately on the back panel. On the back panel of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, we will apparently see a P-shaped module, which may be the first letter of the phrase "Photography" to show how much this phone is produced with a focus on the quality of photography and video recording.

Possible price of Galaxy S22 Ultra; As always

we still do not have accurate and reliable information about any of the things mentioned above, but these same whistleblowers have been disclosing information and details about phones or corporate products in general for years. Various commented, and many of them came out right. For example, we have not heard anything about the standard model yet, while it is said that Samsung has invested a lot in this product and wants to allocate a large part of the production number to this phone.

But in relation to the price of this Phones also seem to be good news, and that is that Samsung will not change that. According to rumors, the price that Samsung will consider for its most powerful phone is once again the same as $ 1,200, so we can expect the price of the other two models to be the same as before. Thus, the base price of the new Samsung flagships will be $ 800, $ 1,000 and $ 1,200. It remains to be seen to what extent this information will come out of the water.

Source: PhoneArena

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