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The Galaxy S22 Ultra will also be available in green

BingMag.com The Galaxy S22 Ultra will also be available in green

According to a recent report by one of the whistleblowers, it seems that Samsung intends to launch the Galaxy S22 Ultra in green. .

Over the years, Samsung has paid special attention to the color scheme of its products and launched them with beautiful and eye-catching designs and colors. Among these colors, we can mention matte black in the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which was extremely attractive at the same time, or copper color in the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, which was a relatively new idea and caused a lot of users to pay attention to the handsets. The Korean company's flagship should be attracted.

It also seems that Samsung does not intend to reduce its efforts in this field and apparently wants to continue this trend with more strength. In the latest news about the company's expected flagships, the Galaxy S22 series, we heard that apparently the Ultra model, which will be the most powerful model in this series, will enter the market in green. Of course, green is one of the colors that Samsung has planned for this phone.

We have rarely seen Samsung launch its flagships in green, but on the contrary, it is the company's biggest competitor among flagships. That is, Apple, we see that the flagships are available in green, and the color is really beautiful and pleasant. Of course, we do not mean light green. If we want to use Apple's flagships as a criterion, we will probably see a completely dark green color that will adorn the powerful back flagship of Samsung in a matte rather than transparent way.

The website of the Galaxy Clubs, which is actually the source It is considered that this news did not announce many details about the name of this color and only said that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will also be available in green. However, since the Korean company had previously launched the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in Phantom Green, we can guess that this is the most accurate thing to consider for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. This color is also very similar to green in iPhone flagships.

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BingMag.com The Galaxy S22 Ultra will also be available in green

The Galaxy S22 Ultra, as Samsung's most powerful flagship with two standard and plus models, will most likely be unveiled and launched in February 2022. Considering the news of Mecca published by the revelators and internal sources, we can say that again, only in terms of design, there will be a major difference between these phones and the phones of the previous generation, and in other areas, everything is as expected. That means don't wait for a surprise or a special innovation from Samsung.

The Galaxy S22 and its two other models, although different from each other, Samsung will use a processor model in all of them, which is for the US and China markets. The Snapdragon 898 will be the Exynos 2200 for global markets, which is said to have a very powerful GPU and was developed in collaboration with AMD and Samsung. We will not see unless Samsung can improve the performance of its handsets in the field of photography and video recording as well as energy consumption by applying a series of changes in software and items such as artificial intelligence and computing photography, using the power of the next generation of super fast processors. That's what Google and Apple have done in their new flagships. That is, without significant hardware upgrades, and only thanks to improved software performance, they made good changes to their phones. The most important news about the Galaxy S22 Ultra may be that Samsung wants to have a dedicated port for embedding a stylus for this phone. This means that it will offer this phone with the special feature of the Note series phones, but with the S brand, which will be very good news for those who are interested in the Galaxy Note series. The popular series seems to be no longer going to be marketed under its brand.

Since the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the other two models in the series have a relatively long time to go, It is suggested that we consider the news about it as a rumor. Although the news that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be available in green has been published by the reputable website of the Galaxy Clubs, it is still not possible to be 100% sure that Samsung will definitely implement such a program.>

  • Galaxy S22 Ultra will look like LG Velvet

Source: GSMArena >

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