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The Galaxy S22 fan edition has probably been canceled

BingMag.com The <b>Galaxy</b> <b>S22</b> <b>fan</b> <b>edition</b> has <b>probably</b> been canceled

In 2020, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S20 fan Edition, which attracted widespread attention thanks to its affordable price and attractive features. But a little while ago, after a long delay and waiting, the next generation of this phone finally arrived, which was clear from the beginning that it could not repeat the success of the previous generation. Now, according to some reports, Samsung seems to have abandoned the development of the Galaxy S22 fan Edition, and this phone will probably never hit the market.

Although we are still months away from the introduction of the new phone, but as You probably know that developing a phone is a very time consuming process and you have to do different things in this regard for months. Specifically, it is said that Samsung has not yet done anything for the firmware of this phone, which is a worrying news for people waiting for the Galaxy S22 fan Edition.

Contradictory reports have been made regarding the chip in this phone. For example, in one of the reports, the possibility of using the MediaTek chip has been raised, but in another report, it has been mentioned that this phone will probably be launched with the Exynos chipset. All in all, the location of this phone is somewhat reminiscent of the Galaxy Note series. So the S22 fan edition may once again be very late, and on the other hand, like the other Note series, it may never hit the market.

BingMag.com The <b>Galaxy</b> <b>S22</b> <b>fan</b> <b>edition</b> has <b>probably</b> been canceled

In any case, the development of this phone may be in the early stages, so the revelators can not yet talk about the details of this product. But if there is no better news about this phone in the next few months, we should take its cancellation more seriously.

We should note that the failure of the S21 fan edition will greatly affect the standard S22 Returns. Although this phone is not as popular as the Ultra model, but in any case, if Samsung completely abandons the S22 fan Edition, it will probably lead to increased sales and even lower prices of the standard S23 model.

S22 fan edition. Overall, the Samsung fan edition series initially had a lot of potential for success, but due to problems with Samsung that led to a delay of several months in the release of the second generation of these phones, now their future is in a haze. So even if the third generation of this phone hits the market, we have to see if it can replicate the success of the first generation or not.
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Source: GizmoChina

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