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The Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus will have flat screens

BingMag.com The Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus will have flat screens

The Galaxy S22 is set to be unveiled as the successor to the Galaxy S21 series in early 2022. In this regard, we hear a lot of news about them, and in the latest news, we found out that the Galaxy S22 and its larger model, the Galaxy S22 Plus, will have a flat screen and back panel.

After the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung decided to be among the flagships. Which introduces a difference from each series. It turned out that the Galaxy Note 20 series included two phones with different looks, body materials and a series of different capabilities. As a standard model, the Galaxy Note 20 had a flat display with noticeable margins compared to the Ultra model, and its display was FHD +. The Korean company also used plastic to make the phone, unlike its predecessors. However, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, as the main flagship of that series, had a curved display, a more beautiful design, fewer edges, a QHD + display, and a metal and glass body.

The same policy in the design of the Galaxy series The S21 was also launched, with the exception that this time we saw three flagships. The standard model was made of plastic, the Plus model was made of metal and the Ultra model was made of metal. But we still saw the QHD + display in the Ultra model, not the Plus and Standard. Although Samsung's move was met with a lot of criticism from users, the Korean company, despite all this criticism, is apparently going to repeat the same procedure for next year.

That is, Ice Universe has released, apparently we should expect the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus to look similar. Almost similar to what we have seen in the last two years. If what the revealer says is true (which they often are), the Galaxy S22 and Model Plus should be designed with a flat screen and back panel. This means that in this series, there will be no news about the curved screens that we saw in the S20 series, and this design will be limited to the ultra model only.

Let's be a phone, but fortunately the difference between Samsung's flagships and mid-range phones is that the company's flagships have the same margins, and it is not the case that we see more margins at the bottom of the frame than elsewhere. The same balance gives the phone a special beauty, but still does not convey the charm and good feeling that the Ultra model gives to the user.

In addition, the design of the back panel of the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus will be flat. In fact, as we expected before, in terms of design, Samsung's new flagships will not be significantly different from the previous generation, except that the Korean company will again change the module to make users believe in an innovative and new design for Has used its new handsets.

Ice Universe even mentioned in its latest statement about Samsung handsets that the two standard and plus models of the Galaxy S22 series are in fact the same iPhone 13 series without notches. This comparison again leads us to the fact that these two phones will have a completely flat design. Exactly the same design that Apple intended for its phones. All of these claims came as recent renderings of Samsung's expected dealerships pointed to curved corners in all three models.

Going into the back module of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, it also published information about which we have heard contradictory information over and over again in many news agencies. One series believed that Samsung would use the original 200-megapixel sensor in the phone, another agreed on the use of the new 50-megapixel sensor used in the new Xiaomi phone, and another series, including the Ice Universe It is believed that the Korean company will still use the same 108-megapixel sensor in its phone. But this time the sensor will be better than the previous generation.

According to Ice Universe, the main camera of the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a 108-megapixel sensor like the previous two generations, which is the third generation of the ISOCELL HM sensor. The aperture of this camera reaches f/1.8, but we are not sure whether it has good image quality or not, because the Galaxy S21 Ultra was highly praised, while we saw that this phone is even lower than the Galaxy S20 Ultra in tests. The next sensor will be of the ultra-wide type with a size of 12 megapixels. It seems unlikely that Samsung will pay attention to this part, and it is very likely that we will see the same performance again. Unless, thanks to the software, the quality of the images captured by this camera is slightly better than before. Even the aperture of this sensor has not changed from before and is at f/2.2. The other two cameras are telephoto with a size of 10 megapixels, one of which is capable of 10x optical magnification and the other capable of capturing 3x optical images.

As mentioned, the Galaxy S22 and two The standard and plus models will not really change much compared to before, except that they will use only powerful processors. This has become commonplace, and it seems that the companies' idea of using a new and innovative design in the construction of the phone is over. Interestingly, in an era when we do not see any innovative and special upgrades in phones other than the processor and module shape, features such as the 3.5 mm jack, charger and headphones inside the box and the like are eliminated and the user is forced to pay a separate fee for them.

However, what has been said in this article about the capabilities of the Galaxy S22 and the two Plus and Ultra models are revealing claims and comments that, although they have a good track record, can be misunderstood. . There is a lot of time left until the unveiling of these phones and it remains to be seen what more news will be published about them.

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