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The Galaxy S21 Fan Edition is likely to be unveiled at CES 2022

BingMag.com The Galaxy S21 Fan Edition is likely to be unveiled at CES 2022

According to one of the most reputable news websites, SamMobile, Samsung apparently intends to unveil the Galaxy S21 fan edition at CES 2022.

We have heard a lot of news about the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition so far, which is mainly related to its unveiling or release date. If you pay attention, we have known about the capabilities of this phone for a long time, but the reports that have been published about it over the past few weeks have been related to the date of the unveiling or cancellation of its construction project. In general, we came to the conclusion that this phone is going to be unveiled, but not on the date we expect. So far, the launch date of this phone has been delayed several times due to various reasons, including the lack of chips and things like that, but this time it seems that we should see the official unveiling of this phone at CES 2022.

It seems that the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition will definitely be unveiled and released in 2022, but regarding its exact date, according to SamMobile, we must say that apparently we should see this event at CES 2022. This news has been covered by a number of other revelators and news agencies, so we can consider it quite probable.

CES 2022 will be held from January 5 to 8 (January 15 to 18) If that happens, considering that we recently heard that the Galaxy S22 will probably be unveiled a little later than expected, we can say that the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition will definitely not be introduced at the same time as Samsung's next-generation flagships, but it will happen sooner.>

Samsung did not usually unveil the phone at CES

But if we want to talk about one thing that reduces the chances of unveiling the Galaxy S21 fan edition at CES 2022, it is that Samsung He had not unveiled a specific phone at this event before. Especially this phone, which was actually supposed to be unveiled and released in August this year, in the summer season, and January is much farther than we expected. This is strange because the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition is highly anticipated because of its cost-effective nature as a flagship, and the previous generation has shown that Samsung can be successful with these handsets. But by then, the hype seems to be waning as many users will be waiting for Samsung's flagship handsets. Be. This means that users will find this phone more affordable and better than the company's future flagships and therefore buy it. Since this phone is so powerful, it is unlikely that anyone will regret buying it in two or three months. So Samsung seems to be in a very complicated situation.

Samsung recently even deleted the support page for the Galaxy S21 fan edition, but later relaunched it to rekindle rumors of a release. This phone will get stronger this year. But it is said that this will definitely not happen this year, because another Galaxy Unpacked event will not be seen in Samsung's future plans, and the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition is not a small and ordinary phone that it unveiled on a normal day without holding an event. p>

According to several rumors and news that have been published about the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition so far, it seems that this time we should see a 6.4-inch product with a display with FHD + resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, which in this regard is largely It is similar to the previous generation, the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. On the back panel, we will see three cameras, which are said to be of higher quality this time than before, but we do not know how noticeable this difference is.

The most important news about this phone is that it is equipped with a processor. The Snapdragon 888 has a very high processing power and can help this phone with about $ 700 to do everything with the highest speed and power. This powerful set will also be powered by a 4500 mAh battery, which is said to be charged with a 25-watt fast charger included in the box. Finally, we should mention the price of this phone, which seems to be $ 650 in the base model, and due to the lack of chips, only certain markets will have access to it.

Source: PhoneArena

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