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The Galaxy Note will live on as the S Ultra series

BingMag.com The <b>Galaxy</b> <b>Note</b> will <b>live</b> on as the S <b>Ultra</b> series

Samsung apparently plans to release all S Ultra series phones like the S22 Ultra from now on with the appearance of Galaxy Note phones, so that the popular Note series phones continue to remain among users.

Samsung officially retired the Galaxy Note series after the release of the Galaxy Note 20, and we no longer saw the Note 21 series. This decision of Samsung caused many users of the Korean company to be disappointed with this company's behavior because the Note series phones were always liked by users due to their pen and attractive rectangular design. Phones that presented a new definition of design to users and added a new word under the title of "phablet" which is a combination of tablet and phone to the dictionary of technology lovers.

The Korean company decided to compensate for this Lack will launch the Galaxy S21 Ultra with pen support. But the design of this phone was similar to the Galaxy S series phones, and the only difference between it and the Note series phones was its support for the pen, not having the pen in it. This means that the user had to prepare the pen separately for it. This phone could not attract the positive opinion of users as it should, and this caused the company to make extensive changes in the next generation.

It happened that Galaxy S22 Ultra with support for The pen and design is completely similar to the design of the Galaxy Note series phones. Support for the pen did not mean buying it as an accessory, but the pen was in a slot inside the phone itself so that the user could actually see a Galaxy Note phone with a different name. What does it matter what the name of the phone is? Is it other than that we consider S22 Ultra to be the same as Note 22 Ultra? Because none of the features of this phone are similar to the S series phones.

When Samsung unveiled the S22 Ultra, it did not mention that this product is going to be the successor to the Note series, but only praised it. To give users the feeling that this is the Galaxy S22 Ultra itself, which has this amount of attractive features added to it, and not a replacement product for the Note series.

But the CEO of this company, TM Roh, recently officially confirmed From this year onwards, the Galaxy Note series will continue to live in the form of Galaxy S Ultra phones. The information related to this issue was published by the famous whistleblower of the technology field, Ice Universe, which, of course, we cannot say is based on speculation, because TM Roh really raised these words during the recent Samsung conference.

This word of TM Roh means that the Galaxy Notes are no longer going to be available at a cheap price because they will be available under the name of the most expensive phone from the Galaxy S series. Therefore, those users who love the Note series phones but have a limited budget, must convince themselves to buy phones that have nothing in common with the Note series (S and S Plus).

Of course, all of us We already knew that the Galaxy S Ultra is actually the Note, but now that the CEO of the Korean company has officially announced this, we can look to the future with more certainty.

Source: PhoneArena

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