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The Galaxy M52 5G is one step closer to release

BingMag.com The Galaxy M52 5G is one step closer to release

Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy M52 5G as its new intermediary soon. In this regard, today we saw the launch of the support page for this product.

Samsung has several products in its portfolio of products from different series, the most famous of which is the Galaxy A series. But along with this family, we also see the Galaxy M series, which includes very good phones. These phones are often known for their high-capacity batteries, otherwise they are not significantly different in terms of hardware from their A-series counterparts.

The newest member of the Galaxy M family is called the Galaxy M52 5G, which is often We have witnessed the spread of news and rumors about it, but in none of these news items was anything published regarding its release date. So we were unaware of this until today on the official website of Samsung India Branch, the support page of this phone was launched.

It seems that the Galaxy M52 5G will be known as the model number SM-M526B/DS And although it is currently seen on the Samsung India page, it will apparently be available in other markets as well. So we should not worry too much about its availability in different markets. But the point is that it is not yet clear when we should officially see this product on the market, but launching a support page for a phone means it is very close.

As mentioned, The Galaxy M series handsets are very similar in hardware to the Galaxy A series handsets. However, their names are different from each other. For example, the Galaxy M52 5G, according to what we have heard so far, will probably be equipped with a very powerful Snapdragon 778G processor as its beating heart; It will have a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display and a 64-megapixel main camera. Its default operating system is Android 11, which is equipped with the One UI 3.1 user interface. But as always in the power supply section, we see a very high capacity 7000 mAh battery, which in this respect is just like the previous generation model, the Galaxy M51.

With these technical specifications, the Samsung Galaxy A52S5G in the product portfolio It has an A that uses exactly the same technical specifications, but its display is 6.5 inches and its battery has a capacity of 4500 mAh. Of course, the refresh rate of this product was 120 Hz, so we can expect the Galaxy M52 5G to be equipped with a display with this amount of refresh rate.

It is not clear what price Samsung has set for this phone, and in this regard. We also have no information because no specific news has been published on this issue. The Galaxy M32 5G is currently priced at Rs 17,000 to Rs 2,000 and the Galaxy M51 is priced at around Rs 22,000. It is unlikely that Samsung will charge more than Rs 22,000 for the base model, which means that the Galaxy M52 5G will be available at a base price of 250 at best.

More information in this regard, we have to wait for more news.

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